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How God Deals With Nations # 3

Above image - original caption: "Members of the Neo-nazi Nordic Resistance Movement march through the town of Ludvika, Sweden (Photo: Reuters)" - URL of article:,7340,L-5264987,00.html

So you, as well the rest of the world, know now that in Italy has occurred an 'epochal' changing in the governance of the country. Now at power are 2 parties, Lega Nord-LN of Matteo Salvini and Movimento 5 Stelle-M5S of Luigi Di Maio, who are of course pro-Russian and anti-NATO, nationalistic ones and against the immigrants, and on and on and on. Two radical right wing parties. Particularly in the NL component, there's a marked accent on the anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage issue. But until now no decisive steps are in sight. Are therefore the issue of the abortion and gay marriage a real distinctive matter of the new government, respect the former center-left coalition ruling the government, who was among the most involved parties in to put the sexual and baby-killing freedom among the pillars of the civil liberties?

If we watch all this with experimental lenses, we see that in reality the Italian right ideology is generally not really distinct from the pro-abortion and pro-gay one of the leftist one. As happened with the Fascist ideologies at power in the early XX century in Europe, when they had to hide their pure Darwinist and evolutionist hearts from the eyes of the masses, with the veil of short quick stakes of books among which some volumes on the Origin of the Specie found a temporary ideological stage (to then continuing to appoint as heads of academies staunch Darwinist professors), we can conclude that the hypocrite false "conservative" soul of the Eurasian Fascism(s) is well conserved in the today's radical or moderate soul of the European nationalistic parties.

The battle-cry against abortion and gay marriage is more of a political use than even ideological use, to not speak about an un-existing biblical understanding.
There are decades in which the same satire of the left wing already detected such occult competitors in the field of the fornication and mass baby-killing. It is a say in Italy that the right wing "doesn't want immigrates in Italy, except if they are skilled soccer-player or beautiful women" ("beatiful women" replaced an Italian vernacular offensive term).

The  right wing parties at power in Italy hardly could take a true biblical stance against abortion and sodomy in Italy: in this way they'll practically lose the greatest part of support from many of their voters. As just a fact of empirical investigation, you immediately perceive that the homosexuals in Italy are hated mostly because they point out the perverted and corrupted heart of the great (heterosexual) part of this nation.
You want a proof? Just go out and try to convince the average Italian about the necessity to keep the fear of God through a sexual life exclusively inside an heterosexual marriage for the whole life: opponents and supporters of this government, friends of immigrants and racist anti-immigrants, shall march united to hang you on a lamp in the street. In the name of "the personal sexual freedom is untouchable". You face everyday the army of the lost ones of the End Day, in Italy.

And the Mafia organized societies which rendered Italy so much famous in the world and in the present manage billions of Euro of criminal business: N'drangheta, Mafia, Camorra?  For  the government today the only crime is the "illegal business with the immigrants", some Onlus have been caught in.

God is sending the immigrants in Italy. Because this country despises Jesus, and is full of arrogance, love for the material world, and hate against humility and meekness. Every day you see more and more people painting their skin with devilish tattoo. From their mouth only words of malice and wickedness. Hate against anyone is good. Praising only for the ones who have an high look. Love only for that which is the denial of the image of God. Instinctive anger and deep intolerance for only to hear the word "Jesus". But at the same time many tattooes with Catholic crosses. The Devil could have no greater joy in this country.  This is why God is sending many Muslims in Italy. Like in Sweden. "You forsake me, and I will forsake you". "I will bring upon you a mighty nation".

God is sending immigrants in Italy. Economical crisis, immigrants, criminal organizations, mass murder of children, are signs from above.

The corruption of this nation, not simply of the "ruling elite",  but of the least and greatest alike, has deep roots, as much deep as the depths of Hell. If you believe that life arose from scum pounds, well,  then you can also believe that a revolution, by the vote or by the guillotine, can change the filthiness of the human heart. For the democracies without and against the word of God (like the Italian one), the society is simply a scum pond where the magic of the electoral and ideological politic shall "give birth" to "new life".  But if you believe that, you are in war with God. Don't expect He will let you go unpunished away.

30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;

31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? - Jeremiah, chapter 5.

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