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I pray God to enlighten the heart of Prime Minister Conte and President Trump

Above image - "President Donald Trump praised Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte following the G7 summit in Quebec, Canada, calling the new leader “a really great guy” Saturday"-
"WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will be honoring a new guest at the White House soon — one who happens to agree with him that Russia should be added back to the G-7.

On Saturday, Trump announced that he would be hosting Italy's new prime minister Giuseppe Conte "shortly" to be honored in the U.S. Trump also said that "the people of Italy got it right!" in electing their new leader.

"Just met the new Prime Minister of Italy, @GiuseppeConteIT, a really great guy. He will be honored in Washington, at the @WhiteHouse, shortly. He will do a great job - the people of Italy got it right!" Trump tweeted after he left the Group of Seven summit in Quebec, Canada. The gathering included the world's largest industrialized countries.

Conte said Friday that he backed Trump's call to readmit Russia to the G-7. "It is in everyone's interest," he said on Twitter according to an English translation."

Taken from:
Trump promises to host Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte at White House to honor him
Eliza Collins USA TODAY
Published 10:05 p.m. UTC Jun 9, 2018

 Conte, as described by the opposition, not without a good degree of truthfulness, is considered a sort of  'weak man' (a "puppet") hired for the place of the Prime Minister only because the leaders of the two parties now controlling the government could not fill in first person that very important institutional role.

Conte's government therefore is born under the light of the submission to an agenda built up with propaganda, many fake news, gratuitous attacks, backbiting, conspiracies ("CIA engineered the 911", the Lunar mission Apollo "were an hoax", etc.) and on and on. The typical war of information of typical ideological forces who wish to overturn the view of the world of an entire nation. 

It is evident that in the person of professor Conte, there are elements that don't agree very well with a political agenda whose backbone is the 'infowar'. P.M. Conte ought to find out some more trustful and reliable forces on which to build his program of government. Just yesterday the head of the association of Italian Industry Tycoons "Confindustria", with an exacerbated accent, invited the government to begin to pursue a real job and to abandon the electoral war still going on on the side of  the Lega Nord and Movimento 5 Stelle, the two government's components. 

Today, after the open very warm invite of Mr President Trump, it seems that Conte may count on very strong allies, outside the country, with whom to try to build an effective governing agenda. If the foreign agenda has always been the true ghost of the Lega Nord and M5S (not too much hidden: out of EU, possibly out of NATO, hopefully together with Putin's Russia), now Mr Council's President Conte, can show to his two principal stockholders (Matteo Salvini LN, Di Maio M5S), that he has very good card to play just in that the same hot international context. 

I pray therefore God, to enlighten both the heart - well before the mind - of Mr President Trump and Mr Council's President Conte, at their meeting. Beside the classical Italian infections: criminal organizations, drug use & abuse among middle and upper class (the ruling class!!!), corruption, etc., the question of the religious freedom could be at stake in the next future, if the love for the 'eastern way' - persecution of the bible-believers as happens in the former USSR nations and China,  will be welcomed in the present government. 

Because there's no other source for moral and ethic in the world, not in the capitalistic gain, not in the seculare social justice, not in the Big Bang nor the scum ponds everywhere in the universe, not in the human phylosophy or reincarnation and not in the church quite well. The only true source of knowledge of the good and evil (and we still pay for having disobeyed Him), is in our Father in heaven and His flesh Who came in this world, Jesus, the Creator. With God nothing is impossible, without Him there's no hope for Italy.

 Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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