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God opening a door in Papua New Guinea

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The plan of Satan: To destroy the New World Order and restore the wicked Old World

 Edited: I add one thought of mine. Perhaps the Restoration of the Old World is pursued not by a single entity, the UN, but by many working in a team. The UN works more as a bait, in order to create confusion between the label "New World Order" and "Old World Order", and confusion is not a job of God but of Satan. Many countries, even if mutually opposed on the religious and geopolitical plane of existence, can, for opposite reason, realize the same goal of the UN, hiding it under the noise of a "restored nationalism" (Putinism in Russia, arising nationalism in Poland and Hungary, etc.).

 Internet Censorship is the future of the Internet. This is in line with the Biblical approaching of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the End Time, the Rapture, the seven years of Tribulation, as clearly exposed in the book of Revelation after a plain literal, futuristic reading (in other words, to read that book as every other book of the Bible is read - period).
Usually the ones pushing for the censorship are using right reasons for it (fight pedophilia, terrorism, pornography, drug deals, etc.), but this is not a novelty for the Devil, to use good moral reasons in order to achieve a major evil which, once realized, will surpass all the sum of the good morals used to achieve it. Remember that this world, after the Fall of man 6,000 years ago, as punishment of God,  has been taken away from mankind to be given to Satan, who is working to centralize the secular power in his hands eliminating the last freedom in the Internet. The final goal of Satan is NOT to create a "New World Order", but to RESTORE the Old World Order, centralizing it in a single political and religious leadership, like the fallen humanity tried to do in Babel just after the Flood. The ones who today are accusing certain human dark powers to create an "evil" "New World Order", are, in the best option, self-deceived. Because war are living already in the New World Order since the fall of the Babel's Tower:

"........This year, government censorship spread like some sort of fungal infection. In Spain, the government blocked Catalonian websites designed to allow voters to find referendum polling stations. That controversy was shortly followed by merciless scenes of police brutality as the Spanish authorities enacted an iron will over the Catalonian electorate.
In May, 15 million Ukrainian citizens were suddenly locked out of their Vkontakte ( accounts (Russia’s version of Facebook). At that time, the Ukrainian government decided to impose a complete block on Russian websites, much to the dismay of the largely Russian-speaking nation.
In Africa, Egypt continued to impose website blackouts on Western news websites and other services. The majority of the African continent is exposed to dire censorship – some nations to a far more extreme level than Egypt.
In Europe, Turkey, Serbia, and Moldova, also continued to heavily censor the internet. Even Greece was found to have a significant level of censorship. In fact, 31 countries in Europe were found to have some level of censorship against BitTorrenting. 
Surveillance Epidemic

In Britain, 2017 saw the introduction of the “Snooper’s Charter”. That mandatory data retention law gives over a hundred British government organizations the power to access UK citizens’ web browsing histories and metadata. ISPs must store data for a year on behalf of the government.

As if that wasn’t enough, Privacy International mounted a lawsuit against the UK government after gaining records proving that GCHQ intelligence (the UK’s version of the NSA) has been not only accessing data within millions of people’s social media accounts but also sharing that with “industry partners.”

What’s more, according to a study just published by Freedom House, social media was used to manipulate election results in 18 countries within the last 12 months alone. This proves that governments are not only using social media to harvest data but to affect opinions too.
Fast Decline

Violations of people’s digital privacy in the West is an ever growing problem. It has reached epidemic levels. In the UK, Australia, and many other locations, ISPs must now store web browsing histories against their will (and at great expense).

In fact, in Russia, it is believed that few ISPs will be able to comply with the new Yarovaya Laws. A Russian ISP called MTS has revealed that, given its current income figures, it will have to invest all of its profits into its data center infrastructure “for the next 100 years” in order to comply with the data retention law.

The US was, until this year, praised for not having mandatory data retention laws. As of March, however, things took a turn for the worse. In the US, the Trump administration has found the perfect loophole to appease ISPs. Rather than force ISPs to retain data on behalf of the government (which is extremely expensive) – it has gone one better – and given ISPs permission to sell consumers’ data to third parties."

Taken from:

Why Digital Privacy Should Be Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution
Ray Walsh
Ray Walsh
December 1, 2017

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Russia closes Baptist church despite recent praise of Protestants [article]

"..... Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is scheduled to pay a “ground-breaking visit” to Moscow on 20th November for talks with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, reports The UK’s Times newspaper. The main focus of the three-day visit will be on joint efforts to help Christians facing persecution in the Middle East, closer co-operation on social and moral issues and strengthening ecumenical links between the main denominations". 
A Baptist church has been closed down in Russia only weeks after a senior official praised the contribution Protestants had made to the country’s culture during a speech marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
The owners of the church in Tula, central Russia, were charged with “improper use of the building”, according to Asia News, and fined 10,000 rubles ($US166) each.
The church had been operating without restriction since the collapse of communism in 1991 but, since the introduction of the Yarovaya Law – dubbed an “anti-missionary law” – in 2016, it had been “subjected to prohibitions and restraints similar to Soviet times”, Asia News said.
The authorities moved against the church after it placed a sign above the door reading ‘Church of Tula CCEB’, together with timetables for worship. It was reported that the regional inspector who closed down the church also issued a warning against other religious communities, saying that the measure “was a trial run for similar confiscations throughout the region”.
Religious persecution watchdog Open Doors, which had welcomed First Deputy Chief Sergei Kiriyenko’s Reformation speech praising Protestants, went on to say at the time that “it really needs to be seen if the Kremlin includes [evangelical groups like the Baptists] in their note of approval”.
Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is scheduled to pay a “ground-breaking visit” to Moscow on 20th November for talks with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, reports The UK’s Times newspaper. The main focus of the three-day visit will be on joint efforts to help Christians facing persecution in the Middle East, closer co-operation on social and moral issues and strengthening ecumenical links between the main denominations.

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RUSSIA: One year of "anti-missionary" punishments [article]

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the reason I obscured the whole of my blogs [except the Biblical Creationist ones]

Please, if you can read one of them warn me.
It is not due to the fact that I found also many false information there, information I presented as "truth". I found still a lot of good information, not false one, in my blogs. There's a complete different reason, under the fact that I obscured the whole of my blogs except the two ones (one in Italian, one in English) devoted to spread the Gospel via Biblical Creationism and strict YEC view (Young Earth Creationism). The last article appeared on Creation Ministries International helps me very much because there are condensed the most important reason of action of closure:

"....There are some warning signs that may indicate that one’s ideology or theories may be overtaking one’s commitment to the Gospel and the truth of Scripture:
  1. Where do you get most of your information? Are you spending an inordinate amount of time in online groups that are insular and promote an antagonistic mentality, even against other Christians? Is your involvement in a particular ideology taking time away from your own church or your devotional time in Scripture?
  2. When you meet someone new, are they more likely to know first that you are a Christian, or that you don’t really believe we landed a man on the moon (to use just one possible example)? Is your passion to share the Gospel, or to share the ‘gospel’ of your alternative world?
  3. Does your ideology cause you to see people of other religions or ‘races’ as existential threats to your way of life, rather than part of a mission field? We are called to share the Gospel with all unbelievers, even those who may be hostile to us, yet some ideological views today promote the sort of division that would hinder evangelism.".
Read the entire article at:

Emulating the mind of Christ in an age of misinformation
by Lita Cosner and Dr Robert Carter
Published: 14 November 2017 (GMT+10)


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Battle Cry November/December 2017 [Chick Publications]

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents November/December 2017
Attack on Religious Freedom May Be Turning
The new U.S. Attorney General has issued instructions to all government departments that may help protect people of faith from doing things that go against their beliefs.
World-Famous Chemist Says Peers Hide from Explaining Evolution!
Professor James M. Tour polled many of his peers in Physics and Chemistry departments about evolution. He found out what many professors won’t admit publically.
Why Don’t They Make a Sinaiticus Bible?
Why not make a Bible out of just the "world's oldest Bible" Codex Sinaiticus? Let me tell you why you haven’t, and probably never will, see one.
War Over Transgenders Heats Up
So much in our culture is based on the male-female framework. However, the transgender movement is demanding that everything be changed to accommodate the gender confused: bathrooms, dress codes, sports categories, application forms, —even pronouns!
It Worked! David Got the Gospel!
At the age of 6, Chad Bernick got saved and wanted to share Jesus with his best friend, David. He tells the story about how he did it —at public school!
Chick Tract + Kindness = Happier Street Girl
One lady tells how she used a Chick tract to help a troubled girl who was in her kitchen.
Missions Report - November
With your help, missionaries are getting Chick tracts into the hands of people worldwide. Here are some of their stories.
A special message from David W. Daniels

Chick Mail Bag

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Exposing the LIE of the "Jesuit Futurism" [“Left Behind or Led Astray?” – Exposed]


This blog support the Futurist reading of Revelation. Only a literal reading of that book is admissible, every thing else is human opinion. God didn't give that book to John filled with cryptic messages and incomprehensible allegories , whose interpretation had to be a business of intellectuals. At the opposite, the whole Bible has been written in order that everyone could understand it.
The enemies of the literal interpretation of the Revelation are already debunked by Jesus in Matthew 24:36-44. Historicism and Preaterism try to transform the incredible matter of the last book in a matter of daily life, and historical chronicle. They try to present the prophecies of Revelation as only exaggerated allegories of common events in human history, common events like the ones of those men who "were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark" (Matthew, 24:38). As clearly exposed by the following document, of which we present  an excerpt, the lie of the "Jesuit Futurism" is another attack to the blessed word of our Lord and an attempt to divert many souls from the eternal salvation:

 7. CLAIM – The Pre-Trib Rapture is Rooted in the Teachings of the Jesuits
Joe Schimmel claims that Roman Catholic Jesuit priest and theologian, Francisco Ribera (1537-1591),
developed a theology of the end-times strikingly similar to that of John Nelson Darby. Schimmel
nevertheless concedes that Ribera was an amillennialist, and that “a direct line” cannot be drawn to the
nineteenth century – quite a contradiction. Why, then, has Schimmel introduced the viewer to the Jesuits?
Rebuttal 1
As I wrote in Chapter 6 of Understanding Christian Zionism,
“…any claim that Protestant futurists in general, and Darby in particular, adopted and adapted
Ribera’s futurism is absolutely groundless. Ribera’s amillennial and Augustinian theology of
replacement, and the absence of a pretribulation Rapture position in his eschatology, completely
separates him from Darby on a theological level. This, coupled with the ‘ample and varied arsenal of
anti-Catholic polemic’ which Darby employed in his liberation of Irish peasants from the Church of
Rome, is evidence enough to destroy the artificial link critics have forged between Darby and the
Undeterred, Schimmel devotes an entire chapter of his DVD to another Jesuit priest, Manuel Lacunza
(1731-1801), this time drawing a direct line to the nineteenth century and to Edward Irving and John
Nelson Darby, despite asserting that Lacunza’s eschatology “appears to have been influenced by…
Francisco Ribera”. Schimmel seeks to discredit Lacunza from the outset owing to the fact that Lacunza
wrote under the Jewish pseudonym, Rabbi Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra. Schimmel refers to “the deceptive pen
name” and “bogus rabbinical title,” failing to acknowledge the fact that Lacunza was on the run in exile
after being expelled from his native Chile by King Charles III of Spain, and that Lacunza’s opponents
denounced him and his book (which, among other things, addressed the corruption within the Roman
Catholic priesthood) before the Spanish Inquisition, his book being placed by Pope Leo XII on his Index of
Prohibited Books. The fact that Lacunza speaks throughout the book with great compassion about the
Jewish people may also explain his choice of pseudonym. Schimmel states that “there’s no doubt that
Irving was quite influenced by Lacunza,” even though one of his experts, Mark Patterson, who wrote his
doctoral thesis on Irving, contradicts Schimmel by stating that Lacunza’s influence on Irving is “uncertain”.

The above excerpt comes from a document entitled “Left Behind or Led Astray?” – Exposed, but let the introduction of the document talk for itself:

A new DVD documentary has just been released
by Good Fight Ministries entitled, “Left Behind or
Led Astray? Examining the Origins of the Secret
Pre-Tribulation Rapture.” Good Fight Ministries is
run by post-tribulationist Joe Schimmel, the
senior pastor at Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi
Valley, California. Schimmel’s documentary is
endorsed by evangelist Ray Comfort and Kirk
Cameron, star of the original “Left Behind”
movies. The following write-up appears on the
back cover: “Take a fascinating journey with us as
we examine the shocking origins of the secret,
pre-tribulation rapture doctrine…. Featuring expert commentary from David M. Bennett, Dr. Mark
Patterson, Jacob Prasch, Joel Richardson, and Dave MacPherson.”
The truth of the matter is that the 4½ hour film seriously distorts the historical evidence and is full of
false accusations, unsubstantiated myths, and lies.

Finally a source which put under the light of the honesty a long time lasting lie, that the Jesuits developed the Futurist reading of Revelation in order to "infiltrate the Protestant world"! The truth is that Futurism is exposing Historicism and Preaterism as human opinion and an attempt to use the Bible for worldly goals!

Download the whole document at the URL:

Or go directly at the home page of the PreTrib Resarch Center website and click on:

British Scholar Exposes "Left Behind or Led Astray"
Dr. Paul Wilkinson rebuts many of the errors in recent video attack of the pre-trib rapture.