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Hamas' way: What happens in Israel is the exact way along which I became a Nazi supporter and Holocaust denier.

What happens in Israel is the exact way along which I became a Nazi supporter and Holocaust denier. I witnessed on the news the march of Sharon and then the following 911 September, all followed by the unbalanced mainstream view of Israel and USA where always their enemies have a much more voice than the one of their victims. Put together with a casual meeting with a far right ideological guy, and I was coocked by the s.c. "Palestinosphere" and by my previous background of anti-American and anti-Israeli leftist faith. I was born then as nostalgic of Adolph Hitler and Holocaust denier. If you want to read my short psycho-spiritual bio (not to exalt myself, only to give you an example of a common phenomena today), translate it from this page:

This is a well working mechanism today. Most of anti-Zionist, Holocaust denier, Israel and USA haters comes from this "coocking art", where the ingredients are disproportionally served in the everyday common news, always prone, in the name of "human rights", to give voice to Islamic terrorists over the one of Israel's officials. Of course there are exceptions. If Islamic terrorists hit Gentiles belonging to a mostly Evolutionist anti-Biblical nation of Europe, they are rightly termed "terrorists":

If the same terrorist instead to chose to finish his life in the street of Europe with a Police's bullet in his head and a knife in his hand, choses to be killed in the Gaza strip with an axle in his hand and a bullet from an IDF sniper, he could win the prize of a post-mortem dedication as "victim of human right abuse". No need of URLs. Go out in the web and you'll find a lot.

Which is the biblical lesson we can draw from these considerations?

That Israel (and USA following) is always at the center of the world events. Israel determines today the line with which to divide the "good" ones from the "bad" ones most than any other point of reference. The Orthodox Jews who protested against the move of the embassy forgot that no one can oppose the will of God. If God scattered the Jews around the world, no Jewish will could have opposed to it. But If Jews returned to the Lord's Land, it is impossible they did it against the will of God, otherwise they would be again scattered if not incinerated.

Orthodox or Talmudic, Christian or anything else, the ones who oppose religious arguments against the today's national Israel, misuse the word of God. Surely this Israel is not the one of the New Covenant, but no one can claim that it togheter what involves, is not a picture of the resistance of the Devil against it. No matter how much corrupted are today's Jews in the Holy Land, they are still used to fulfill the God's plan for the rest of humanity. How? Simply provoking the hearth of the rest of the world to utter the most secret dark thoughts:

2 And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no. Deuteronomy 8:2

Significantly, the following verse is one among the most important quotation of the OT made by the Lord Jesus, in to warn the Devil and whole humanity about the importance of the same OT.

People understand this, and for this reason they hate the Bible, or hate the "bloody" OT. Or deny it making it only an "allegorical spiritual" "tale", then "dismissed", "replaced", "exthinguished" by the New Testament. To kick the world of God out of the lives implies to keep a strong hatred toward Israel as a protective dam against God's word, and automatically against the modern material manifestation of it in the Holy Land. Because if something exhist, is only because God decided to let it exhist. Subcounsciously this doctrine is well understood by the great part of humanity, and this is why great part of humanity is on the side of Hamas and the civilian Islamic kamikaze whose blood now is pouring in the Western news as gasoline to fire further anti-Semitism and hatred against the Bible. Today's Israel is a stumbling block, that God uses to identify the ones who are against Him and the one who follow Him in His word. You cannot hate the real Israel of today, and claim to love its "future restoration", even if you agree in a material restoration. If you love the heathen's pretence to rule the Holy Land today it means you deny it is the Lord's Land forever:

4 And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.
Zechariah 14:4

See also "Open letter to Richard Geere":,7340,L-4942727,00.html?utm_source=Taboola_internal&utm_medium=organic

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In Business for Christ [article ICR]

"You may know men and women in business whose witness is much like these five—the Lord has sprinkled these lights across the country. Christians in business helped make America great and contributed to its ethical and moral underpinnings."
One of the mantras of the anti-American religion, is the continue attack against the" greediness" and "covetousness" of the "rich Americans" who, still following that the same litany which today is become an anthem of the Eurasian ideology, don't spare even the Christian faith in whose name "colossal fortunes" are massed. From a logical deduction, the today's human judges of America paint themselves with the most white and clean color, because in their Manichean mind, the world, this world, is a perfect theological incarnation of God's statutes where there is no place for mixed colors.
You will never never hear from such modern Pharisee, a word about the origin of the decadence of the same America. That business and profit became a pitiless law of existence in America and consequentially "infecting the rest of the world", it doesn't pass even slightly in the mind of the Eurasian white knights of today the idea that the Devil's root works harder where there's more wheat to destroy:

In Business for Christ

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Churches in Ukraine robbed and shut down as conflict divides communities [article]

 ....a short intro: In Italy the recent electoral race has seen two winners: Lega Nord and Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S). Both are among the most warm supporter of Putin's Russia. You can for example check it for yourself on these two articles, further political research is possible with the search engines of the website:

Why does the M5S use the same techniques as Russian disinformation?

Salvini and the deception on the Russian sanctions. Are we sure that the possible prime minister is not controlled by foreign powers?

It is impossible to avoid to deal with political stuff, anymore. Period. Now the politic world, the secular world, is entering with both feet, wearing heavy military boots, in the Kingdom of God. The separation between state and church is definitively ended, even in its the most false but anxious representations. The ideology of Panslavism, namely Panslavism 2.0 has decreed (as any other kind of cult of the nation anywhere, in every country of the world), that the intermediary of God for the humans is the state, which, following different national traditions, is painted with the colors of the society, of the national awakening or of the same state Leviathan. The Holy Ghost now, following the faith of the Russian Yarovaya law which is spreading all along Eurasia & Italy, is allowed to communicate with the mortal souls only through the "voice of the king", in other words through the state institution. Well said Jesus our Lord and King of Kings, when addressing such apostates who, in His times and analogously to our Eurasian days, denied the work of the Holy Spirit outside their Pharisaic institutional authorities, when He said:

28 Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:

29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:

30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.
Mark, 3:28-30

*   *   *
Churches in Ukraine robbed and shut down as conflict divides communities

Suspected separatist militia robbed an Evangelical-Baptist church in Kadiivka, around 30 miles from Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, on the night of 27 March 2018.

Several people in military-style clothing arrived at the church in two cars and entered the empty building after 9:30 p.m. At 11 p.m. two trucks arrived and the men in uniform began to strip the church and load property, furniture and fittings on to the trucks.

The entire church was stripped bare. Barnabas Fund’s contact stated they “literally took everything”, from the pulpit, sound equipment and musical instruments, to the kitchen sink and refrigerator. They even took the interior doors, curtains, and light switches, and pulled the tiles off the bathroom walls. After emptying the church attic and shed they drove away. Church representatives reported the robbery and vandalism of the church to police and city administration the following day, who promised to get back to them “within two weeks”.

The Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine is a “grey zone”, where Christians are trapped between the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed separatists. Protestant churches in the conflict-racked region have been targeted by separatist elements, as they are perceived as pro-European.

In February 2018, authorities in the autonomous region of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic adopted regulations "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations", requiring the mandatory registration of religious organisations within six months. Organisations not registered by August 2018 will be considered to have ceased their activities. Small religious gatherings are permitted in homes, but any religious organisations which receive money or assistance from foreign citizens will be required to submit a full report of their activities.

An Orthodox church in the village of Ptycha in government-controlled western Ukraine was shut down by police on 3 April, after a mob wearing balaclavas invaded the church and evicted two elderly women parishioners who were inside. The church building in Ptycha is used by two Ukrainian Orthodox congregations, one of which is aligned with the Moscow Patriarchate, whose members have been targeted for being seen as pro-Russian; Orthodox churches of the Moscow Patriarchate have been seized and attacked across western Ukraine.

A minister from the Moscow Patriarchate congregation in Ptycha told OSCE monitors that the two congregations would cooperate to hold (Orthodox) Easter services in the church garden.


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Trieste sempre più in rivolta a Dio e colma della bile di Efraim.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Trieste-Slavyansk ed il sindaco Roberto Dipiazza 
(Trieste-Slavyansk and the mayor Roberto Dipiazza)

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Moscow Now Targeting All Non-Russian Orthodox Christian Churches – OpEd [article]

Moscow Now Targeting All Non-Russian Orthodox Christian Churches – OpEd
May 6, 2018 Paul Goble 1 Comment
Many in the West naively believe that Vladimir Putin is a defender of Christian traditions against Islam and therefore are inclined to believe that he deserves their support despite what he may be doing as far as other things are concerned. But in fact, the he is defending only the Russian Orthodox Church and attacking all other Christian denominations.

That is the conclusion Roman Lunkin draws on the basis of a close reading of official actions against religious groups and especially “large and small Christian churches in Russia” except for the Orthodoxy of the Moscow Patriarchate over the last year (

If earlier it appeared that official actions against religious groups bore a largely arbitrary and spontaneous character, the specialist on religion and law in Russia says, in the period since the adoption of the Yarovaya law, one is now justified in speaking “about the conscious choice of Christians as targets for judicial action.”

Officials in the magistracy and police do not know the fine points of religious issues, Lunkin says, “but they know very well that having uncovered a community of non-Orthodox Christians, they must fine it.” And in proceeding against such groups, “they do not devote any attention to formalities.” Indeed, they now openly ignore Russian constitutional norms.

“An analysis of a data base of court decisions carried out by Sergey Chugunov, a lawyer of the Slavic Legal Center speaks about the catastrophic situation with regard to the observation of the constitutional principles of freedom of consciousness.” And “non-Orthodox Christian confessions” have been hit especially hard.

Among these, Lunkin continues, are the Baptists, Evangelical Christians, Pentecostals and Seventh Day Adventists. Also hit with various judicial actions at the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Krishna Consciousness groups, and Muslims. In 2016-2017, he reports, 312 institutions were fined more than four million rubles (66,000 US dollars).

Particularly hard hit by such official repression, he says, are smaller groups in small cities or rural areas that find it more difficult to attract attention to their causes or the resources necessary to fight these official actions in court.

For such groups, a fine of 30,000 rubles (500 US dollars) is “an enormous sum.” Many congregations simply can’t raise that kind of money. They thus are forced to close up shop and go into private homes or the street where they will be fined for other violations of the anti-missionary provisions of the Yarovaya law.

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How God Deals With Nations # 2

The power of God in the hearth of atheism 

I was checking the latest news about the Syrian crisis, and was caught in the secular geopolitical mood: Trump, Putin, cruise missiles, F 22 and S 400 and on and on and on. But when I gave a little look about the situation in China as pertain the churches, I suddenly awoke from that intoxicant smoke.
I felt deeply ashamed - after having being shocked by this video. This doesn't mean that you see in it a footage of an Alien abduction or Isis' butchers chopping humans alive. You see something that most of the people in our Western civilization consider simply "highly boring" stuff. Or deserving of soft scorn. At the opposite, after seeing that, I feel to be not deserving the mercy of God, I feel to be only lukewarm water, constantly in danger to be spitted from the mouth of the Lord (Rev. 3:16) . A wannabe Christian, a disgusting insect hanging from the hand of God over the flames of Hell (Jonathan Edwards). Worse than the worst of these believers:

Above video - Underground Churches in China...Rare Video Clip, URL:

The video contains what I believe to be Pentecostal meetings. Speak in tongues doesn't seem to be represented. I know perfectly that today the speaking in tongue, after the Scripture has been written down and is accessible to all, is no more a feature of the Christian faith. But there's a strong allusion to something other in the video. The speaker tells that "they have not a Bible". I believe this is a warning of God to us, who are plenty of Bibles with the most various references and commentaries. But in our "Christian" civilized Western world are everyday more lukewarm water.

The persecution of independent more or less Biblical Christian churches in Russia and China, a persecution which involves any other kind of cult outside the national religion, seems to be a trend that will not stop, but extend all over the world. In Italy one of the two winners of the political elections is a fan of Putin's Russia, Matteo Salvini. He invited Italian entrepreneurs to plant business - not churches, in the secessionist pro Russian republics of Donbass. He represents the trend in Europe towards the "one nation, one people, one church".

Just one shell kills some Italian businesmen in Donbass. They don't need to disguise as "Ukrainan forces", just exhibit the Russian original uniform. When pro-Russian guys will say "Ukrainian disguised as Russsians!" to "give the blame on us!", don't worry, all the world will believe it.  The day after the Italian parliament votes to exit Nato. Americans kicked out. The Italian peninsula becomes the admiral ship of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. 
Of course this one is  only a speculation. I don't do that in order to refresh the geopolitical cospirationism as political fight.  This simply could be what God has in store for us. Jesus warned us, how much we are intelligent to understand the signs of the weather, but fully blind to see the signs of the times.

Therefore is this trend something we should fight as secular, political soldier, or accept as Christian soldier facing with dignity persecution? Rather, isn't God, taking away the freedom and the guarantee in which we are sleeping our faith,  awaking us? We started to love too much this world, and its protective institutions, till the point where we forgot that it is the faith that keep us standing and not a liberal constitution. There are certain moment in (His)story where He puts you in front of a choice: Or you march towards the crown of glory of the persecution and martyrdom, or towards Hell, there's no middle way.
The rising of Christian faith outside the Western world is a sign against the Western world. We lukewarm Westerner will be spitted from the mouth of the Lord.
And if for a moment you think well, you understand why Atheist Communist China needs the Western world values, our values: covetousness, idolatry of money, consumerism and Evolutionistic Edonism. Or the intellectual vanity. The coming of our Lord is everyday nearer and Satan desperately tries everything to escape that moment. In the past he tried to substitute the loving and saving presence of Jesus in our lives with the one of a sinful human person: the pope, the priest, the political leader. Today Satan invites his victims to substitute Jesus with the same proper self.  YOU, Western Christian, watch again the above video and ponder: how long will endure the patience of God for me? Am I ready to go in the eternal depths of Hell, or meet the Lord in the air?

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China banning online Bible sales ‘absurd’ [article]

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How God Deals With Nations # 1

 [this post will be edited in the format]

We see form the chronicles of our days, a special hatred between what seems to be the reborn Byzantine empire (Russia and her allies), and the religious descendant of the Ottoman destroyers of the old Byzantine empire. Is this a common sense of vengeance transmitted down generation by generation by the defeated side of the clash, or we can extract from it a more heavy Biblical teaching?

Nerve gas used in Syria attack, leaving victims ‘foaming at the mouth,’ evidence suggests
By Liz Sly, Suzan Haidamous and Asma Ajroudi April 10 at 6:12 PM Email the author

The Byzantine empire has ever been associated with the iconoclastic/idolater clash:

Iconoclastic Controversy, a dispute over the use of religious images (icons) in the Byzantine Empire in the 8th and 9th centuries. The Iconoclasts (those who rejected images) objected to icon veneration for several reasons, including the Old Testament prohibition against images in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:4) and the possibility of idolatry. The defenders of the use of icons insisted on the symbolic nature of images and on the dignity of created matter.

The involvement of the Paulician is evident, due to the temporal cohabitation of both 'problems' for the Orthodox idolatry. We'll deal with the Paulicians in a following post. Here it is marked the connection between the staunch idolatry of the Byzantine empire which caused countless multitudes of victims among the Biblical Christians, and the century later following definitive punishment of the Orthodox idolatry with the demons of Islam:

Fall of Constantinople, (29 May 1453). After ten centuries of wars, defeats, and victories, the Byzantine Empire came to an end when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in May 1453. The city’s fall sent shock waves throughout Christendom. It is widely quoted as the event that marked the end of the European Middle Ages.

From this lesson of history, learned through the lenses of the Bible, and especially the OT, we understand the relation of the Islam heresy with God's plan. Islam is still allowed in the world as warning, example and punishment for the apostasy and heresy in the s.c. Christian nations. As an allegory of the future (the writing blogger is a "Jesuitical" Futurist (ironic sense of ""), i.e. he reads the book of Revelation in a literal sense, refusing historical allegories), the "Islamic hordes" are a perfect forewarning of the still to come at the End Day(s) Locusts and of the related punishment inflicted by God.

Coming back to our idolatrous and Christian-persecuter Byzantine empire, it is now, after the above presented considerations, easy to see in the 1453 fall of Costantinople the wrath of God for the countless victims of the Byzantine idolatry, especially the proto-Baptist Paulicians. The idolaters had uncircumcised ears, and refused to hear the Lord, therefore God allowed the Devil to talk to them. With the Islamic conquest, the Devil told them about the warning of the Second Commandment about idolatry. But not in heavanly language, rather in the language of that Hell whose reality has been mocked by those idolatrous Byzantines, when murdering Christians who refused to worship Orthodox idols.

God wanted the OT as fundamental of the Bible for the gentile nations, not because they learn "how they are better than the Jews" (God doesn't instigate pride and self-righteousness!!), but simply to learn from the Jewish history in order to not repeat their error. God, throught the mouth of Jeremiah, didn't speak only to the Jews of those times, is still actually speaking to us, Gentiles of our days:

19 Behold the voice of the cry of the daughter of my people because of them that dwell in a far country: Is not the LORD in Zion? is not her king in her? Why have they provoked me to anger with their graven images, and with strange vanities? Jeremiah 8:9

15 Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from far, O house of Israel, saith the LORD: it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say.
16 Their quiver is as an open sepulchre, they are all mighty men. Jeremiah 5:15-16

How God Deals With Nations # 0

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The "paradise" of Darwinism, Evolutionism and apostasy: Sweden [on How God Deals With The Blasphemous Nations Today]

China banning online Bible sales ‘absurd’ [article]

"Other religious texts, including those belonging to Islam, Taoism and Buddhism, were still available on JD, Taobao and Amazon – the three largest online retailers in China. But none has the Bible available."


April 10 2018 by Aaron Earls, Facts & Trends

China is purportedly the largest publisher of Bibles in the world, but the communist nation has now apparently blocked online Bible purchases for its residents.

Beginning last week, searches for Bibles at leading online retailers in China came up empty, according to reports from The New York Times and CNN.

The reports indicate certain Bible studies or illustrated storybooks were available through searches. Two merchants told CNN the Bible could be purchased through private messages, but public listings were now “impossible.”

China has historically restricted in-person Bible sales to state-sponsored channels and government-run churches, but online sales presented a loophole of sorts for Christians within the growing underground church movement.

That loophole has now apparently been closed as part of increased religious freedom restrictions – particularly against Christians.

Other religious texts, including those belonging to Islam, Taoism and Buddhism, were still available on JD, Taobao and Amazon – the three largest online retailers in China. But none has the Bible available.

Still, The New York Times reports that Chinese publishers have printed 160 million copies of the Bible and export it to more than 100 countries. About half of those are published in Chinese.

According to the Financial Times, the largest Bible factory in the world is in Nanjing, China, and run by the Amity Foundation, a government-sanctioned Protestant charity.

“In 2012, we celebrated production of the 100 millionth copy,” Qui Zhonghui, president of Amity, told The Telegraph. “It took 20 years to print the first 50 million copies, but the second 50 million took just five years.”

Yet the online ban is part of a troubling trend for Christians in the communist nation, as government pressure appears to be increasing.

William Nee, a China researcher at Amnesty International, told CNN there is “a broader trend under President Xi Jinping to more tightly control religion, especially Christianity. It’s absurd that the government claims to promote religious freedom at the same time that they’re banning the sale of Bibles.”

The New York Times reports more than 1,500 crosses were removed from churches from 2014 to 2016 in a Chinese province with close ties to Xi. Earlier this year, Chinese authorities reportedly destroyed several church buildings, including one where 50,000 Christians worshiped.

China ranks as the 43rd worst nation for Christians on Open Door’s most recent World Watch List.

Despite increased persecution, Christianity is projected to continue experiencing explosive growth in China.

According to projections from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, by 2020 China will have around 148 million Christians – or as many as Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom combined.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Aaron Earls is online editor of Facts & Trends,
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Will Satan plan the next Tien An Man massacre in Cina targeting Bible believers with a Catho- Communist alliance?