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"Actually, over 65 percent of Nobel prize winners in the last millenium where Christians while..."

Watch the video on CMI website, "Five atheist miracles (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-20)", at about 2mins and 00seconds:

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Only an ordered universe, with ordered laws, can be represented in models which have a strong predictive feature. An universe "born casually, from nothing", cannot contain anything which could be summoned in a law or a model. We can study the natural world only because has been created by an ordered being, God, whose hands keep it from falling apart in an absolute imperscrutable chaos.

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Was Jesus a patriot?

Yesterday as I was watching a documentary on the Great War, I was shocked to listen to a letter of a dying French soldier (r.i.p. 16 April 1917), probably wrote on a piece of paper before to die, as a sort of last message. I could not withheld tears:

"Dear wife and dear parents and dear all I am well hurt. Hope it will be nothing. Raise children well dear Lucie. Leopold will help you if I do not get out of it. I have a crushed thigh and am alone in a shell hole. I think we will come out soon. My last thought is towards you. " (*) Source:
 Well, the last thought of this man was not the motherland, but the family, his wife, his children. What a blow to the nationalism, isn't it? 

This man is a picture of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, when He gave everything for the sake of His bride, the church, for the sake of everyone who surrendered to Him, surely not for the Pharisaical nation of Israel. Jesus died for the only nation a Christian is allowed to be part of, the Kingdom of God.

 As Jesus was there dying alone on the Golgotha, and descended in Hell to take captive the soul of the faithful, at the same guise that dying French soldier was there in a bomb hole, bringing to us for the eternity the purest jewel from the hell of war: there's only one way it is worth to die, the one for the sake of Jesus and His bride. 

During the war it happens indeed that men are divided between the love for their families and the duty toward the government. Often this is an absolute watershed which doesn't allow one to be with both sides: the last thought of dying soldiers, thanks God, is not the "motherland", but their darlings at home. Like Jesus.

These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Hebrews 11:13, quoting Psalm 39:12

Crazy and mad nationalistic fanatics often went to war forgetting everything they had at home. They HAD to. When you divorce from the spouse God gave to you, and you chose another one, you have to forget totally the previous one. They forgot their true spouse, if they had one at home, their true family, children etc. All for the sake of an idea of man, because nationalism is the product of man's thought and works. (and invented by Satan).

This is why you observe in many locations of Europe, many monuments to the soldiers died in action in the Great War. Satan wants to hide that the overwhelmingly majority of them is died having in their heart, in their tears, in their mouth the name of their darlings at home, not the one of  the "motherland".

 "....The military memorial Redipuglia is a monumental military cemetery located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, built during the fascist era [1] and dedicated to the memory of more than 100,000 Italian soldiers died during the First World War. It is located within the municipal area of ​​Fogliano Redipuglia in the province of Gorizia (Friuli-Venezia Giulia). [caption taken from wikipedia and used in the Amber Path blog related post of June 7th, 2014, 13th September, Jesuit pope near Trieste to launch a message on the RED LINE.]

Things then went a little different in the following Great War, the WWII. There the enemy was not simply another's government, but an idea which would have killed the proper darlings at home. Nazi would transform the Russians in slaves. Italian nationalist harassed the families of Slovenian soldiers at home because they were not Italians. In the WWII there were not those episodes of mutinies caused by a revolutionary or pacifist rebellion, and sometimes even of exchange of Christmas wishes between opposite fronts, as happened in the Great War 1914 - 1918.  Notwithstanding also in WWII the great majority of soldiers and rebels (partisans)  died with their last thought for their darlings at home.

The nationalists of today, as in Italy mr Matteo Salvini and his ally Giorgia Meloni, are again building the idol of the nation. It is not of God, because it need to be borne by man's works:

They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good. Jeremiah 10:5
(*)  « Chère femme et chers parents et chers tous Je suis bien blessé. Espérons que ce ne sera rien. Elève bien les enfants chère Lucie. Léopold t’aidera si je ne m’en sortais pas. J’ai une cuisse broyée et suis seul dans un trou d’obus. Je pense qu’on viendra bientôt me sortir. Ma dernière pensée va vers vous. »
« Chère femme et chers parents et chers tous Je suis bien blessé. Espérons que ce ne sera rien. Elève bien les enfants chère Lucie. Léopold t’aidera si je ne m’en sortais pas. J’ai une cuisse broyée et suis seul dans un trou d’obus. Je pense qu’on viendra bientôt me sortir. Ma dernière pensée va vers vous. »

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« Chère femme et chers parents et chers tous Je suis bien blessé. Espérons que ce ne sera rien. Elève bien les enfants chère Lucie. Léopold t’aidera si je ne m’en sortais pas. J’ai une cuisse broyée et suis seul dans un trou d’obus. Je pense qu’on viendra bientôt me sortir. Ma dernière pensée va vers vous. »

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« Chère femme et chers parents et chers tous Je suis bien blessé. Espérons que ce ne sera rien. Elève bien les enfants chère Lucie. Léopold t’aidera si je ne m’en sortais pas. J’ai une cuisse broyée et suis seul dans un trou d’obus. Je pense qu’on viendra bientôt me sortir. Ma dernière pensée va vers vous. »

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The Madonna Of Truncheon, protector of interior minister Mr Salvini?

Above image - the caption read "THE MADONNA OF TRUNCHEON - protector of Fascists".

"...........Refugee rescue boats carrying stranded migrants face fines of up to €1m (£918,000) after the Italian parliament passed a controversial law promoted by Matteo Salvini, the far-right interior minister.
Under the law, boat captains bringing rescued refugees to Italy will face arrest if unauthorised. Their vessels could be confiscated and the owners of the operations face steep fines of between €150,000 and €1m.......
When the bill was first proposed, Claudia Lodesani, MSF Italy’s president, said it was “like fining ambulances for bringing patients to hospital”........
“The security decree, with more powers to police forces, more border checks and more men to arrest mafiosi, is law,” tweeted Mr Salvini, the interior minister. “I thank you, Italians, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.” 
Read it all at the Independent online:

Here, the prayer Fascists had to do for Madonna of the Truncheon (from above linked Wiki page). Wikipedia says about the "prayer":
"......Asvero Gravelli, an organic journalist for the regime, editor of the magazine «Antieuropa» and collector of fascist chants, composed a sort of prayer, which would have been placed also in the back of the holy picture of the Madonna of the truncheon, which read as follows"......:

«O you holy Truncheon
you wise and austere patron,
more than a bomb and a knife
you are severe with your enemies.
O you holy Truncheon
Of knotty oak son
true miracle [you do] each time,
if in the hour of danger
[you] beat the cowards and impostors.
Truncheon, Truncheon,
that lights up every brain,
you will always be the only one
that the fascist will adore. [9] »

It was an easy 'prophecy' (if it would be possible to prophesy also today, as the last prophecy was announcing the destruction of Jerusalem and the continual apostate condition of the 'Christian' world in the church age before the rapture).
As everyone can see, the "restauration" is only a paper tiger hiding a new Darwinist revolution. The targets of the new right, LGBT, abortionists, immigrants and on, are only the means. The goal is the restoration of the Catholic (but also Orthodox and of many other denominations) doctrines, among which the most important is the one of the "sinless" Holy Virgin. Satan is much more intelligent than what humans think to be. He understands that his LGBT, abortionist etc. front cannot stand against a true biblical front. He understands that he has to crawl inside the Christian front and weaken it, taking away from it Jesus Christ, our only hope. Substituting Jesus with the worship of His biological mother, transforming with a perverted manipulation of His words in a "spiritual" mother of God, is the first step Satan has to do to weaken further the already apostatized Christian world.

A great ecumenism under the sway of the "blessed virgin" and protected by an "holy Truncheon". In it - stay sure - many Baptists, no matter how much independent and KJV-onlyst, will fall, and will be judged by Him as lost. Pray for them.

I and a Bulgarian blogger forecasted (not 'prophesied') it already years and years ago. We were simply under the tender mercy of Our Father in heaven, who allowed our sinful minds to watch at least for a moment, a reflex of His unbearable shiny knowledge.

The mother of Jesus was born as sinner. She was only the biological mother of the biological body of our Savior. She didn't create the world, she didn't create man, she was never caught up in heaven without physical death, she entered heaven only through the blood of the Lamb and through physical death, exactly like me and you have to:

“And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour." Luke, 1:47

Be forever blessed the name of our only savior, Jesus the Lamb, and His precious blood, who rescued us from the Hell of the heathens. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Italy: "Proscriprion lists" against dissenting teachers in the public school in Monfalcone

Italy: "Proscriprion lists" against dissenting teachers in the public school in Monfalcone

The major of Monfalcone (right-wing majority), a town 20 km far away to the west from Trieste, openly invites students and their families to denounce teachers of their kids who should exhibit a "left-wing" oriented view of the world. The aim is to break the "decades long monopoly" of the left on the schooling system in Italy.

The major Cisint not only didn't retreat her proposal, but hardened her stance threatening anyone opposing her politic with a judicial suing.  The opposition in the regional parliament of Friuli Venezia Giulia labelled her proposal as in line with the "Twenty Years (Fascist regime in Italy) and Old East European Communist dictatorships" memory. (I add: the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia used a lot the delation of the children to destroy families and institutions.)

Bible believers should be concerned. Creating a monster ("Communists") and legalizing tyrannical ways to fight it (in the case of major Cisint the delation of children and boys/girls student) is an alibi to extend it to anyone and anything in the society is opposing the increasing authoritarian regime in Italy. Bible believers who would not kneel to the newly introduced worship of the nation religion, shall be labelled as "covert Communists" who "use the Bible" for a "Communist goal". If you then link this "Communist haunt" of the Cisint major with the increasing attack of the majority political forces against the historical truth of the tragedies ocurred in this area after the WW2, it is plausible that in the future Bible believer who would refuse to put their belief at the service of the new nationalism, will be openly accused to be "traitor of the homeland", and "nephews of the Tito's butchers of Italians". 

Notice, if you have not yet been caught by that particular, on how Satan exploits the LGBT and pro-abortion movement he the same instigated, as an alibi to introduce his Fascist regimes where the "national" blood is worshiped instead the one of Christ (or trying to defile His precious blood morally mixing it with the one of the s.c. "heroes of the homeland"), where the figure of the 'virgin' Mary substitute the works of the Holy Ghost, and God definitively doesn't anymore sit in heaven but on a chair on earth, in the office of a prime minister, or interior minister or in Vatican.

Monfalcone, no to proscription lists
After the proposal of the mayor Cisint, solidarity with the teachers from the representatives of the Flc CGIL

05 August 2019
Solidarity with the teachers and staff of the schools in Monfalcone, affected by the "proscription lists" of the mayor Cisint by Francesco Sinopoli, general secretary of the Flc CGIL, and Adriano Zonta, general secretary of the Flc CGIL of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

"The positions expressed by the mayor of Monfalcone, Anna Maria Cisint, against teachers and professors are extremely serious and must be censored", the unions explain in a note. "Going beyond, and by far, the institutional limits granted to his role, she even thought of creating a 'private listening point' for students and families. The motivation is to stem the tendencies of that part of the teachers who poison with their ideologies young people 'substantially opposing the party to which the mayor is a member'. Two colossal and poisonous errors commited by Mrs. Cisint: (dis) educating to inform, thus leading students and families to denounce the free expression of teachers and teachers, on the one hand; put in constant fibrillation the schools, the managers, the personnel of Monfalcone who would thus find themselves paradoxically accused of "doing politics", and tried publicly [my note: in the style of the Chinese Red Guard...] . A mayor does not have these powers ".

Continue the reading in original text (Italian) at the URL:,-no-a-liste-di-proscrizione/3/204208

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Christians Fleeing Persecution in Russia + Salvini in Moscow: "In Russia I feel at home"

Christians Fleeing Persecution in Russia Can Stay in Germany
Faced with mounting threats and anti-missionary laws, Baptists win asylum appeal despite supposed constitutional protections in their home country.
Kate Shellnutt
July 23, 2019 8:32 AM

As evangelicals increasingly become the target of Russia’s severe anti-evangelism laws, a German court ruled this month in favor of a Baptist family who fled attacks, insults, and threats in their homeland.

Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) initially rejected the Russian Christians’ asylum application because it did not consider their persecution to be the result of the Russian government, which guarantees freedom of belief in its constitution, the evangelical news outlet reported.

But a Düsseldorf court overturned the decision in early July. The decision cited Russia’s 2017 ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses and concluded that it’s probable for Baptists, as a fellow evangelistically oriented faith group, to suffer government persecution as well. They have been granted the right to stay.

“In general, Germany is very sympathetic to persecuted religious groups, especially to Christians,” Thomas K. Johnson, special advisor for the World Evangelical Alliance’s International Institute for Religious Freedom, told CT. “This is not a precedent; the precedents are already very old. This is a continuation.”

While in Russia, the Baptist family suffered repeated insults, physical violence, and threatening phone calls over their missionary activities, and police refused to offer protection, according to the family’s lawyer, Zaza Koschuaschwili. They said they were followed by young men in black uniforms.

Last year, Pentecostals and Baptists faced the most punishments under Russia’s anti-missionary laws, which bar adherents from sharing their faith anywhere but designated church sites.

The religious freedom news service Forum 18 shared stories of a Baptist church being raided, a Baptist pastor punished for displaying worship times, and a pair of Baptists charged for discussing their beliefs at a bus stop. The Baptist Union's Moscow Theological Seminary is among several Protestant schools that have faced additional government scrutiny and punishments over the past year; the seminary was banned from admitting new students and had to suspend activities for 60 days for alleged violations.

The Russians fleeing to Germany join approximately 1.5 million people who entered the country around the 2015 refugee crisis as well as an existing population of “Russian Germans” that dates back three decades.

“After 1989, Germany opened its doors to many in Eastern Europe who had a German cultural background, many of these were Baptists in the former Soviet Union,” said. “There are today many large Baptist churches in Germany where one might hear as much Russian as German.”

Two Baptist denominations in Germany—the International Baptist Convention and the Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany—number around 60 and around 800 churches each, according to the Baptist World Alliance.

Salvini in Moscow: "In Russia I feel at home, while in some EU countries I do not"

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

India to join Russia (& great part of this world) in the fight against the sharing of the Gospel

 ....anti-globalists, nationalists, neo-fascists from the right; pro-abortionists, liberals, pro-LGBT etc. from left, both marching divided on the sexual issue, but targeting with the same violence Bible believers all around the world. BUT don't think this is a "sign of the End Time". This is the daily work of Devil, a work which intensified after the resurrection of Jesus. Don't fall in the trap to interpret the today's or past events as fulfillment of Bible prophecies. This is the goal of the Devil, who wants people to relax from the immanency of His second coming. The king may come in any moment in the last 2,000 years. To historicize the prophecies is a way to defuse immanency.

Demographic impact of Christian Missionaries: India needs the equivalent of Russia’s Yarovaya law

It would be appropriate if the Government of India recognized forced and deceptive religious conversions as a real social issue and brought laws banning proselytizing similar to the parts of Yarovaya law in Russia.
Shashank Goyal
June 15, 2019

Friday, June 7, 2019

Is China the rod of God to correct the Christian hypocrite of the Western world?

Above image - a collage present on many posts in Avles Beluskes Exposed with China as tag.

About nine or eight years ago I was writing in my ABE blog about the "Jesuitical" expansion of Red China in Africa. At the time I was spiritually not much far away from the spiritual awareness of the most influent world leader of the s.c. "International Right", of which Trump in USA and Salvini in Europe are today the most spoken exponents. 

Nearly ten years of hard spiritual trials in my life turned me to seriously take in consideration the word of God and the fact that I am in danger of eternal damnation. That brought me to a completely different view of the same geo-political facts. No more an hallucinated theater filled with many dark conspirations by human power groups. Only one cospiration, the one of Satan. And only one sovereign power, the one of God, my God and redeemer, Jesus the Messiah. 

Instead of secret groups of power, I can see now only poor men shacked by a thin sensation from their sinful hearts, about the presence of God and about the very dangerous consequences of their actions leading them straight to Hell. Their mind, not yet changed by Jesus, refuses to understand what's going on. They are the today's Pharaoh, the one of Exodus 9:16, whom God raised up to show in him His power, to all the world. 

Many right wing oriented Christians, be they Catholic, Orthodox, fundamentalist Baptist, even KJV-onlyst, and on and on, believe that God is now 'going to correct' the world for the sin of Sodomy and abortion, so widespread in the Western world. But is this the true biblical lecture of these facts?

How could an average Christian 'born-again' bear the cross of Christ, when he or she believes that mr Trump has been sent by God, to protect the "greatest Christian nation of the world", rising up walls against the most poor population of the South America? With the aim to "restore America again", to fight abortion meanwhile leaving maybe millions of children to the euthanasia of the poverty? 

Hypocrites usually read the lesson from the facts of the world in a reverse way. Maybe  the Sodomy and abortion is not a sort of 'trial' for the "good, biblical" Christian in the western world, but the opposite, a consequence of his hypocrisy. "And I'll bereave you of children" said God in Jeremiah ch. 15, to the religious hypocrites who followed other gods and offered their children to them in sacrifice. Maybe God is trying to awake some Western Christians from their coldness in front of the continue sacrifice of millions of children on the economic altar of the geo-political economy. It is not a case that the NT contains no open direct remark about abortion, but rather on the question of the poverty and of the vulnerability of the childhood. Communists wants to erase poverty because they know it could lead to a spiritual awakening. Like Communists, Christians too erase it, keeping it away from their daily missionary work and under the carpet of the doctrinal purity. I realized that the book of Job is not welcomed in the Western world of Christians: if the tarbernacle of the robbers prosper (Job ch. 12) , could it be that the prosperity of the greatest Christian nations in the world is due not to their much acclaimed righteousness,but to something else,  as the prosperity of the most atheist and anti-God country in the world, Communist China, every day show it in their eyes???

I suspect that it is not a case that now a sort of silence fell down on the Venezuelan question. It is my thought, that mr Trump let fail the attempt to overthrow Maduro in order to have a stronger Russian presence in Venezuela. I know that the Russian are controlling the export of the Venezuelan oil. And that they will not leave it in the hands of Chinese. Because the Chinese are the true scary monster. Their atheism, I believe, is a sort of Assyria or Babylon at the eyes of the two today's hypocrite Israel, the Northern Kingdom of Russia, and the Southern Kingdom of USA and their religious zealotry. The Russian are full of the nationalistic pride and believe this is their righeousness approved by God. Americans, being richer, believe that their pride in their wealth and advanced nation is the sign of God's approval of their righteousness. Both could be deeply, deeply wrong, because once again, China, the atheist, materialist, anti-God China is too a very strong nation, and day after day richer. China is everything except to be a Christian nation. How did God say to the stiffnecked people? "It is not for righteousness that I have given you this land, but for the wickedness of these nations" (Deuteronomy ch. 9). It seems that many Christians of Russia and America have not awareness of the word of God.

In Africa it is happening a very interesting fact: the Chinese are every day more present. Increasing financial, economical and cultural collaboration with many African countries. But all starts from Europe.

As happens there's a reason for which God raises His pharaohs here and there in the world. God raised that pharaoh in order to show His divine power when the Egyptian army and the whole country were put on their knees. And to complete the formation of His people. In the furnace of oppression God shapes His people.
The Italian soon-to-be Pharaoh, Matteo Salvini, is not an exception. He works in order to transform Italy in an Egypt for many people. First the immigrates. Then maybe the ones who will not accept his belief that God elected the Europe of white, Arian, Caucasian people as "His nation". But at the moment he is the champion of the warriors against the immigration from Africa. He ordered to close the ports and harbors to not allow rescue boats to land Africans on the continent. He wants to introduce an heavy fine for everyone who will save an immigrant in the Mediterranean sea and will put it in safe in the Italian territory. Practically mr Salvini wants to persecute the rescue service of many ONG boats. Talk about 5,000 Euro of fine you have to pay for every African you rescue from the shipwrecked rubber boats in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

Salvini is directly backed by more than one third of Italians. And many others support his "war on African shipwrecked people". Therefore Africans are despised and not wanted in Italy. Salvini wants to introduce a system of awards and punishment for the African countries, depending on their will to stop the immigration or not, in Europe. 

If the European Christians despise them, African people have no other alternative than to go today in the hands of the atheist Chinese. Chinese are welcomed by the desperate wretched of the Black Continent. They don't feel despised, repelled, harrassed and exploited by the Chinese. Chinese will educate, order, and give a reason to live and fight to the Africans. They will slowly transform that continent in an army of friends. And maybe a day the despised "negroes" will try to come back in Europe. Not on board of old rubber boats, with babies in their hands and half drowned. They could come back as pilots of fighter bomber jets or sailors onboard Chinese aircraft careers, across the Mediterranean sea, and landing as million-men troops on the coasts of South Europe.

The reason why mr Trump and Salvini are much scared by China. Without to understand with their mind, could it be that it is the Holy Ghost to disturb them in their sleep?

In the Bible God says: "Isn't marvellous the God's doing in your eyes?"; in the Psalm 118. And, in Deuteronomy, ch. 32,  He also said: "They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation."