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I pray God to enlighten the heart of Prime Minister Conte and President Trump

Above image - "President Donald Trump praised Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte following the G7 summit in Quebec, Canada, calling the new leader “a really great guy” Saturday"-
"WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will be honoring a new guest at the White House soon — one who happens to agree with him that Russia should be added back to the G-7.

On Saturday, Trump announced that he would be hosting Italy's new prime minister Giuseppe Conte "shortly" to be honored in the U.S. Trump also said that "the people of Italy got it right!" in electing their new leader.

"Just met the new Prime Minister of Italy, @GiuseppeConteIT, a really great guy. He will be honored in Washington, at the @WhiteHouse, shortly. He will do a great job - the people of Italy got it right!" Trump tweeted after he left the Group of Seven summit in Quebec, Canada. The gathering included the world's largest industrialized countries.

Conte said Friday that he backed Trump's call to readmit Russia to the G-7. "It is in everyone's interest," he said on Twitter according to an English translation."

Taken from:
Trump promises to host Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte at White House to honor him
Eliza Collins USA TODAY
Published 10:05 p.m. UTC Jun 9, 2018

 Conte, as described by the opposition, not without a good degree of truthfulness, is considered a sort of  'weak man' (a "puppet") hired for the place of the Prime Minister only because the leaders of the two parties now controlling the government could not fill in first person that very important institutional role.

Conte's government therefore is born under the light of the submission to an agenda built up with propaganda, many fake news, gratuitous attacks, backbiting, conspiracies ("CIA engineered the 911", the Lunar mission Apollo "were an hoax", etc.) and on and on. The typical war of information of typical ideological forces who wish to overturn the view of the world of an entire nation. 

It is evident that in the person of professor Conte, there are elements that don't agree very well with a political agenda whose backbone is the 'infowar'. P.M. Conte ought to find out some more trustful and reliable forces on which to build his program of government. Just yesterday the head of the association of Italian Industry Tycoons "Confindustria", with an exacerbated accent, invited the government to begin to pursue a real job and to abandon the electoral war still going on on the side of  the Lega Nord and Movimento 5 Stelle, the two government's components. 

Today, after the open very warm invite of Mr President Trump, it seems that Conte may count on very strong allies, outside the country, with whom to try to build an effective governing agenda. If the foreign agenda has always been the true ghost of the Lega Nord and M5S (not too much hidden: out of EU, possibly out of NATO, hopefully together with Putin's Russia), now Mr Council's President Conte, can show to his two principal stockholders (Matteo Salvini LN, Di Maio M5S), that he has very good card to play just in that the same hot international context. 

I pray therefore God, to enlighten both the heart - well before the mind - of Mr President Trump and Mr Council's President Conte, at their meeting. Beside the classical Italian infections: criminal organizations, drug use & abuse among middle and upper class (the ruling class!!!), corruption, etc., the question of the religious freedom could be at stake in the next future, if the love for the 'eastern way' - persecution of the bible-believers as happens in the former USSR nations and China,  will be welcomed in the present government. 

Because there's no other source for moral and ethic in the world, not in the capitalistic gain, not in the seculare social justice, not in the Big Bang nor the scum ponds everywhere in the universe, not in the human phylosophy or reincarnation and not in the church quite well. The only true source of knowledge of the good and evil (and we still pay for having disobeyed Him), is in our Father in heaven and His flesh Who came in this world, Jesus, the Creator. With God nothing is impossible, without Him there's no hope for Italy.

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How God Deals With Nations # 3 -----------------------------

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On animals and skeptics [CMI, AiG]

" Q: What do you think of the claims in this source that basically teach that no matter what we can do for eternity it will eventually be boring, so can only be suffering, so the only way to not suffer is to not exist eventually?
A: Lastly, the author is horrified by the thought of even the best paradise continuing forever. But again, this displays a complete lack of imagination. " (Creation Ministries International).

Taken from:

Will Heaven ever get boring?
Published: 9 June 2018 (GMT+10)

Eternal Heaven is perceived a deadly boring place, because the questioner is still imprisoned in the vision of an endless world of corruption. Anyway as God puts truth even in the mouth of the one who don't recognize Him, she is right from her perspective, because when she says that Heaven could be boring to death, she is telling an extreme important truth: people still living in the sin of their flesh, can not bear the possibility to be tortured by (their) sins in eternity.

Therefore an eternal abiding in this sinful corrupted body, especially if not spiritually regenerated in Christ, is truly unimaginable torture.  What unite the sinners of this world? That they have elected the death as their goddess. How many times I heard sinners, wicked people, arrogant persons, despisers of God or religionist who think God allowed them to save themselves by the works of their hands, to call upon death as the end of their troubles and sufferances? But they don't call death as we call it. They believe death is a true end of their total existence, spiritual too. They believe that after death there's no judgement (otherwise why are they so busy to worship the works of their hands and mind - believers or unbelievers alike?), and it must be so. Having refused in this life to despise their body of sin as taught by our Lord, they uncousciously perceive that in doing so they condemned themselves to live with their body of sins for the eternity. Attacking the ones who recall to them this truth is quickly become part of their nature. Could they accept that someone has freed himself/herself from the eternal bondage of corruption?

 *   *   *

 "Those who mistreat animals must go to jail. Not a word from the government "
The animalist battle of Berlusconi Brambilla, who brings nine puppies to Montecitorio. "Too often I fight alone. We need harsher penalties for those who do violence on animals ". The government? "The premier has made a very long speech, but on this theme not even a word"

Taken from:
 It is understandable why the new Italian government, a rough government, tries to not be involved in the pro-animal agenda: in pursuing muscular attitude against the illegal immigrants, any kind of politic where pity and compassion play an important role, as the words of the above mentioned MP witnesses, has to be avoided. The Italian government has therefore married the secular line: to give a right of existence to the immigrants if only they are in line with the secular laws. If they are not in line with it they are implicitly declared 'animals'. If than animals have rights recognized by the secular law, why not to extend them to the illegal "human animals" too?

All that would blow up the ideological line of the government today, from a moral point of view, and many would search other political messiah to fulfill their dark dreams.  But this shows the dangers in to go across the line which separates humans and animals. We have been made in the image of God, and are not animals. This government, silencing on the illegal use of drugs by the elite of this country, and continually exposing the illegal immigrants as it was the one who taught the use of heavy drugs to the Italians, is not bringing honor and glory to God.  When He taught men that they are made in the image of God, and our common father was made directly by the hands of God, no other kind of living creature having shared such eternal honor:

" During a roundtable discussion in the White House, US President Donald Trump referred to members of the violent gang MS–13 as “animals.” His comments (as they often do) sparked a good deal of discussion among the media. Some commentators, such as this gentleman writing for the The Washington Post, claimed, “No one is an ‘animal,’” and that Trump shouldn’t have used that phrase, even to make the point that the gang has no moral compass or conscience. But is this a position consistent with the secular media’s worldview?

In an evolutionary worldview (taught as fact to generations of kids in America’s public education system), all humans are animals, just highly evolved ones. So within this worldview, it’s entirely consistent to refer to anyone as an animal—and mean it in a literal sense! For secularists to claim “no one is an animal” is actually highly inconsistent. They want to believe evolutionary ideas (e.g., man is just an animal) while still believing humans are somehow unique (which borrows from a biblical worldview). But they can’t have it both ways!"
(Answers in Genesis)

Taken from

Is Anyone An "Animal"?
by Ken Ham on June 5, 2018

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How God Deals With Nations # 3

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"The “safeguarding of morality” in Nizhny Novgorod is turning into an attack on the city’s Protestant community" [Yarovaya law]

  ““The law is intended as a means of combating terrorism, but so far has only affected Protestant churches and anyone connected with them”, says the Embassy of Jesus press officer Yulia Ermoshina. “The amendments to the earlier, 1997 law ‘On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations’ are very vague, and in practice the Law has turned into a very convenient tool for the law enforcement bodies to use against Protestant churches. And now it has the ‘Embassy of Jesus’ in its sights. ”

The “safeguarding of morality” in Nizhny Novgorod is turning into an attack on the city’s Protestant community
Irina Slavina 8 June 2018

In this World Cup host city, two students involved in local Protestant life are facing deportation after interference from the security services. RU
As the opening of 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches, security issues in Nizhny Novgorod, one of Russia’s host cities, are hotting up. And the clinical symptoms of this “fever” are shocking even those who have long since ceased to be amazed.

In May, Nizhny Novgorod’s Sormovsky district court charged Nosisa Shiba, a citizen of Swaziland in her final year at Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, with an administrative offence for publicly singing hymns at an Easter service in the city’s Embassy of Jesus Pentecostal church. The local police and legal authorities interpreted this behaviour as missionary activity, incompatible with Shiba’s stated aims when entering the Russian Federation. As it turned out, Shiba’s actual “offence” took place in 2017, but her trial has only just concluded. The outcome was a fine of 7,000 roubles and deportation from Russia, but the court has shown some leniency and deferred her expulsion until 30 June, after Shiba’s final exams and degree conferral.

The trial established that the charge, based on article 18.8 of part 4 of the Code of Administrative Violations of Law of the Russian Federation, was put forward by Major Tatarov, a Senior Special Inspector of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Immigration Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and that it was, in fact, the second time Shiba had been charged with a breach of residence regulations.
The charge, of which I have a copy, reads that Nosisa, having come to study in Russia, “effectively took part in a missionary conference called ‘To Save One More Soul’”, organised by the Russian Association of Christians of the Evangelical Faith (RACEFP) in Nizhny Novgorod. In other words, the inspector concluded that, by singing about Jesus, she was engaging in religious activity. This activity included the fact that Shiba sang about Jesus at a public concert.
The case documents show that Major Tatarov didn’t take an interest in a foreign student singing in church off his own bat. The documents include a file sent to the Regional Immigration Control Department by the FSB on 18 April, in which Lieutenant-Colonel Malyshev, the deputy head of an FSB department in the Nizhny Novgorod region, informs his senior officer that “in the course of FSB operations in the Nizhny Novgorod region it was discovered that a foreign national had breached Russian residence regulations” – Shiba had engaged in activity incompatible with the stated aim of her coming to Russia. In his file, Malyshev states that the “unlawful religious activity” engaged in by Nosisa Shiba could be seen on a YouTube video.
Drawing up the charge, Major Tatarov mentions the fact that Shiba had already been charged earlier under the same article, and that she had been fined and required to leave Russia by 30 June.

While Nosisa Shiba was prosecuted for publicly singing about Jesus, Kudzay Nyamarebva, another foreign student at the Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy and member of the Embassy of Jesus church, was threatened with prosecution for reposting a video in which her fellow-parishioners and friends talk about how God had helped them.
The police, again at the instigation of the FSB, charged Nyamarebva with an administrative offence, in this case a breach of the law concerning Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion and Religious Associations. 

The public outcry about Nyamarebva’s prosecution, however, evidently led the police to announce that legal time limitations meant that the case could no longer go ahead. Kudzay was earlier prosecuted for inviting people to come to an event at the Embassy of Jesus via her social media page. Nyamarebva too has been required to leave Russia by 30 June, after receiving her degree.
It’s worth mentioning that the two articles under which Shiba and Nyamarebva were charged form part of the so-called “Yarovaya law” – a package of amendments passed in 2016, supposedly designed as anti-terrorism measures but which civil rights campaigners believe violate privacy and freedom.
“The law is intended as a means of combating terrorism, but so far has only affected Protestant churches and anyone connected with them”, says the Embassy of Jesus press officer Yulia Ermoshina. “The amendments to the earlier, 1997 law ‘On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations’ are very vague, and in practice the Law has turned into a very convenient tool for the law enforcement bodies to use against Protestant churches. And now it has the ‘Embassy of Jesus’ in its sights. 

“This church has been around for over 20 years, during which it has carried out an enormous amount of social work throughout the Nizhny Novgorod region: rehabilitating alcoholics and drug users, rehousing the homeless and supporting children’ homes, families living in poverty and other socially vulnerable citizens as well as disabled people. And all without any state support.”
Since the “Yarovaya Law” was passed, Ermoshina tells me, Russian security services have been subjecting the Embassy of Jesus to numerous inspections: “We are being charged with new offences by the courts and threatened with cumulative fines of over a million roubles (£12,015). We are accused of failing to put information on a video about faith in God. Just think: they want to take a church to court for incomplete listings on a video talking about Christian values such as faith, love and mercy,” she says angrily.
How does the court respond on the matter? “These things are essential for the protection of the foundations of our constitutional order, ethical basis, health, the rights and interests of others and our country’s defence and state security.”
We should remind ourselves here that all this is taking place in a city where earlier this year the police removed Russian citizenship from Al-Tbahi Visam Mohamed Farhat, a father of seven children.The court took the side of law enforcement: it seems that 17 years ago, when the Palestinian man received Russian citizenship, the head of the police directorate, whether by accident or design, failed to sign one of the necessary documents. 

All this needs to be borne in mind not only by the football fans who are risking a trip to Russia to watch the World Cup, but also by young people who choose to go to Russia to receive their higher education: they can’t rely that their civil rights will be observed or their safety guaranteed in a situation where the FSB spends its time searching social networks for possible signs of dissidence.  

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How God Deals With Nations # 3

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How God Deals With Nations # 3

Above image - original caption: "Members of the Neo-nazi Nordic Resistance Movement march through the town of Ludvika, Sweden (Photo: Reuters)" - URL of article:,7340,L-5264987,00.html

So you, as well the rest of the world, know now that in Italy has occurred an 'epochal' changing in the governance of the country. Now at power are 2 parties, Lega Nord-LN of Matteo Salvini and Movimento 5 Stelle-M5S of Luigi Di Maio, who are of course pro-Russian and anti-NATO, nationalistic ones and against the immigrants, and on and on and on. Two radical right wing parties. Particularly in the NL component, there's a marked accent on the anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage issue. But until now no decisive steps are in sight. Are therefore the issue of the abortion and gay marriage a real distinctive matter of the new government, respect the former center-left coalition ruling the government, who was among the most involved parties in to put the sexual and baby-killing freedom among the pillars of the civil liberties?

If we watch all this with experimental lenses, we see that in reality the Italian right ideology is generally not really distinct from the pro-abortion and pro-gay one of the leftist one. As happened with the Fascist ideologies at power in the early XX century in Europe, when they had to hide their pure Darwinist and evolutionist hearts from the eyes of the masses, with the veil of short quick stakes of books among which some volumes on the Origin of the Specie found a temporary ideological stage (to then continuing to appoint as heads of academies staunch Darwinist professors), we can conclude that the hypocrite false "conservative" soul of the Eurasian Fascism(s) is well conserved in the today's radical or moderate soul of the European nationalistic parties.

The battle-cry against abortion and gay marriage is more of a political use than even ideological use, to not speak about an un-existing biblical understanding.
There are decades in which the same satire of the left wing already detected such occult competitors in the field of the fornication and mass baby-killing. It is a say in Italy that the right wing "doesn't want immigrates in Italy, except if they are skilled soccer-player or beautiful women" ("beatiful women" replaced an Italian vernacular offensive term).

The  right wing parties at power in Italy hardly could take a true biblical stance against abortion and sodomy in Italy: in this way they'll practically lose the greatest part of support from many of their voters. As just a fact of empirical investigation, you immediately perceive that the homosexuals in Italy are hated mostly because they point out the perverted and corrupted heart of the great (heterosexual) part of this nation.
You want a proof? Just go out and try to convince the average Italian about the necessity to keep the fear of God through a sexual life exclusively inside an heterosexual marriage for the whole life: opponents and supporters of this government, friends of immigrants and racist anti-immigrants, shall march united to hang you on a lamp in the street. In the name of "the personal sexual freedom is untouchable". You face everyday the army of the lost ones of the End Day, in Italy.

And the Mafia organized societies which rendered Italy so much famous in the world and in the present manage billions of Euro of criminal business: N'drangheta, Mafia, Camorra?  For  the government today the only crime is the "illegal business with the immigrants", some Onlus have been caught in.

God is sending the immigrants in Italy. Because this country despises Jesus, and is full of arrogance, love for the material world, and hate against humility and meekness. Every day you see more and more people painting their skin with devilish tattoo. From their mouth only words of malice and wickedness. Hate against anyone is good. Praising only for the ones who have an high look. Love only for that which is the denial of the image of God. Instinctive anger and deep intolerance for only to hear the word "Jesus". But at the same time many tattooes with Catholic crosses. The Devil could have no greater joy in this country.  This is why God is sending many Muslims in Italy. Like in Sweden. "You forsake me, and I will forsake you". "I will bring upon you a mighty nation".

God is sending immigrants in Italy. Economical crisis, immigrants, criminal organizations, mass murder of children, are signs from above.

The corruption of this nation, not simply of the "ruling elite",  but of the least and greatest alike, has deep roots, as much deep as the depths of Hell. If you believe that life arose from scum pounds, well,  then you can also believe that a revolution, by the vote or by the guillotine, can change the filthiness of the human heart. For the democracies without and against the word of God (like the Italian one), the society is simply a scum pond where the magic of the electoral and ideological politic shall "give birth" to "new life".  But if you believe that, you are in war with God. Don't expect He will let you go unpunished away.

30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;

31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? - Jeremiah, chapter 5.

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How God Deals With Nations # 1

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How God Deals With Nations # 2 

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Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's,...

"........Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church has used state power to restrict or suppress confessional rivals, whether they are much-harassed Baptist communities or Russia's Jehovah's Witnesses. The Russian Supreme Court's prohibition of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2017 was condemned by human rights groups but enthusiastically supported by Kirill's foreign relations director, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, citing the Witnesses' "false teachings" as justification.....
........As for criticizing regime policies, the head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Church and Society Department, Vladimir Legoyda, insisted in April this would never happen. Opposing secular authorities wasn't characteristic of Orthodoxy, Legoyda assured the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily. Nor had Christ himself sanctioned such things.".
[Taken from:]

When Satan dresses up as secular authority, for a Christian is a must to oppose it. The words of Legoyda are patently a manipulation of Christ's words. The Lord prohibited any secular, fleshy war against the secular authorities. But when a secular authority usurps the role of the Holy Ghost, and pretend to exercise His role in leading the souls of men, a Christian is called to have not respect of it. Go and read the Scripture and you will find there this truth. And you will find that Christ never sanctioned the union between state and church, but condemned it:

17 And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him.
What were trying to do there the Pharisees? Weren't they trying to instigate Jesus in a clash based on the flesh of this world (money, power, ideology, etc.) against the Roman power? Or in the opposite case, weren't they trying to show Him as a collaborator of the Roman power and its religious role? (having Jesus, for the sake of political opposition against the Pharisees, answered as fleshy supporter of Roman's rules). 

We are approaching the end time tribulation. These are simply signs of the armies of false Christs that are ready to overwhelm the earth from the pit of Hell. In pronouncing those words, "Nor had Christ himself sanctioned such things", he himself witnessed that Christ sanctioned also....:

17 But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;
18 And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.

Weren't those synagogues spiritual pictures of the Gentile's churches? And in those verses a pictures of the Gentile's Sinagogues of Satan? No matter how much Jehova's Witnesses are apostate heretics denying the deity of Jesus, the hypocrisy of the elders of Russian National church surpasses of great lengths the one of JWs. No self acclaimed Christian believer has until now been brought in a JWs' synagogue to be (spiritually or not) scourged. 

May God witness your false heart by your false words.

One last thought. I observed a parallel convergence in Russia of UFO and s.c. Alien sightings, together with the last wave of persecution against 'religion' during the last two decades of the existence of Soviet Union (maybe argument of a coming next post). The great crisis of the Communist system and the extreme need of escape that spiritual cage were pushing many souls to watch to Christian denomination in the Western world. Many of them prospered in Russia after the fall of Communism, showing the extreme hunger for the Lord of the Russian people. But Satan and his fallen angels worked a lot in those years of Soviet Russia, well aware of what's going on. Today they harvest their evil fruits. But shall not soon the Devil's fruits rotten? Shall Russia remain forever a cursed ground for Jesus' feet? We have to know that Russia's way of the National churches (Devil's way) is a wave that necessarily, I mean scripturally, has to submerge and pollute also the apostate Western world. Untill both, Western and Eastern will be united in a common persecution against Bible believer and born again Christians. BUT, no matter the years of tribulation, Christ when shall come again to require that land for an everlasting tribute to Him, will weep away all the damned souls now ruling that land. Be happy and cheer of the persecution in Russia! That's our Lord sign that He counts you as among His lamb!

"....... The Holy Ghost now, following the faith of the Russian Yarovaya law which is spreading all along Eurasia & Italy, is allowed to communicate with the mortal souls only through the "voice of the king", in other words through the state institution."

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Churches in Ukraine robbed and shut down as conflict divides communities [article] 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos [fallen angels]

Above video - Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos

If you noticed, the encounters are always harmless for the humans, except the abductions. The apparently aerial 'machines', notwithstanding they exhibit a flight envelope that simply outperformes the most weird dreams of Skunk works engineers, are using only one kind of weapon against the terrestrial military forces: psychologal warfare built up with signals of threat and signal of fascination.
Like Mig 31 exibition on red square with the alleged new hypersonic missile. The Russian propaganda has many traits in common with the psychology of UFO encounters.
As for the money spent to investigate about the UFO aerial phenomena, it is clear that it is an issue of the defense. My wife is from the Philippines, and she together with many family members witnessed the reality of evil entities like Kapre, Aswang etc. But the Dep. of Defence will never invest mill dollars on investigations about entities who smoke cigars (like the native Center America nation's god), hide in huge trees and loves to make sexual encounters with regularly married wives. Kapre will never constitute a threat for the fleet of Super Hornets of the Navy, nor present interesting information about future development of hypersonic stealth drones. Kapre will never enter in the Pentagon's sphere of strategic interests.

Because Kapre, Aswang & company are interested in the average Filipino people and are interested to sneak within the average mentality of the poor Filipino people, whose problems are not the same of the US Navy or the US foreign policy, but the common interests of the poor people: to survive from a day to another with hard work, to overcome sickness and illness which sometimes requires huge amount of money to be healed, and to satisfy many dreams, not always honest dreams, often filthy dreams.
What does Kapre? The 'guy' exhibit a physical body of excellent quality. He exhibit a great skill into enter family's wall and to steal women in order to have with them a sexual intercourse. And in the mind of a male sinner, what could represent the best his sinful dreams if not a sculpture-like body and a perfect skill in order to safisfy whatever dream of fornication with any woman in sight?

The entity behind Kapre knows very well the sinful psychology of the men, and adapt himself to the one of the average Filipino man.
On the other side of the ocean, the entities behind the UFO close encounters with the Navy's fighters, knows very well the psychology of their US victims, and adapt themselves to it. A crew of a Super Hornet will never intercept a flying muscular man, half naked, smoking cigars and flying at Mach 0,83 at 26,000 feet. Why? Because it will crack the rational world on which the lives of the pilots has been built on. And with it all their ambitions of power and mighty and self confidence. The sinful nature of the human crew of the fighter is the same of the poor Filipino working 12 hours a day in a plantation because both are descendants of Adam and Eve. But culturally this sinful nature expresses itself in a different way. Modern fighters' pilots are among the most rationale humans in circulation on earth today. They cannot allow to irrationality and emotions to appear in their mind scheme. Rationality is their rock to which they grasp in order to try to avoid or exit from the most dangerous situations. Not to blame this. It's their job, exactly like to grow plants 12 hours a day is the job of the Filipino worker. But the entities, who are the same behind Kapre and any other entities in the world, are skilled psychologist, and change costumes. If the Filipino worker was allured with an exhibition of a Play Boy performance he dreams to have, US Navy pilots will be allured with an exhibition of weird stealth and dog fighting performances they would have at their disposition to confirm the role in which their entire lives have been dedicated.
Don't spend million of dollars investigating something that has been already solved 6000 years ago. Create a squadron of military chaplain who know the word of God as it comes from the Bible.

unmasking deception

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st. Peter the same accuses pope Francis and the Catholic church [republished]

The following post has been published in the now obscured Control-avles-blogs blog in June 2016. Some of the linked posts, when not referring to geopolitical and conspiratorial stuff, shall too be published here. It remains the warning about the persistent elements of anti-Biblical conspiratorial views which here and there are ever present also in the following posts to be re-publish here.

*   *   *
Sunday, June 19, 2016
st. Peter the same accuses pope Francis and the Catholic church


I could have entitled this post "Visit my Creationist Museum", with live-experiment for adults and children. But opted for a most serious title.

First read this. I am not an expert, but I caught the last words of this paragraph, of an anti-Creationist website (National Center for Science and Education); [ICR = Institute for Creationist Research]:

One way they might try would be to suggest that shale-forming clay would settle rapidly out of the flood waters if those waters were supersaturated with clay. ICR has already proposed (quoting Soviet geologist V. I. Sozansky) that evaporites formed rapidly from supersaturated volcanic waters. However, if either of these two theories are true, then thin even laminations extending over many square kilometers are an insoluble problem. The clays and evaporites would have almost certainly settled out in huge globs to form amorphous strata-free rock. The ICR theory that the laminations were caused by a rapid succession of turbidity flows does not satisfactorily explain how the fine stratification of the Green River shales or the Castilian evaporites could form in a one-year-long catastrophic flood. Let us discuss these two formations in more detail.

"Cementation happens as dissolved minerals become deposited in the spaces between the sediments. These minerals act as glue or cement to bind the sediments together.
The process of sedimentary rock formation takes millions of years to complete only to begin a new cycle of rock formation."

Well, everyone watching those layers of rocks around the world cannot avoid to think to "millions" if not "billions" of year, but this is far away from truth:

See my following videos:

Above video - Quick formation of Sandstone - under your eyes [1: typical dry days stream]

The below stream of water is from 3 to 5 times higher than usual stream of course, being obtained opening a water pipe to simulate rainy days:

Above video - Quick formation of Sandstone - under your eyes [typical rainy days stream]

See details in the following pictures:

Above image - quick formation of sandstone, under quick current of water over a PVC surface (orange color)

Above image - a detail of the scratched away young forming sandstone

Resumee: in 1973, back of the house, it was built the first pipeline to discharge the underground waters, with an initial pit to slow the current and help the sedimentation of the mud and suspension, to avoid the stoppage of the following tube. In 2011 notwithstanding the initial pit of sedimentation, the PVC tube was almost entirely (10 cm diameter) filled with the there grown hard sandstone. After the substitution (heavy chisel & hammer were useless) the phenomenon of growing of sandstone remained, as the upstream underground is typical of this rock ("Flitsch"). My area is bordering the one which gave the name to the typical phenomenon in the world, the Karst, where a geographical core of highland limestone is surrounded by layers of sandstone.

To deepen:

The origin of Ayers Rock1
by Andrew Snelling

Rapid rock
Unexpected application for hard-rock recipe
by Tas Walker

In 2 Peter there are the verses often quoted by the Creationists:

3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:
6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Henry Morris, in his apologetic commentary of the KJV, underline the critical allusion to the geological evolutionist (false) assumption of the sc "uniformitarian" principle

for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
There's no need to quote pope Francis SJ  and his open clear acceptance of the Big Bang and Evolutionism, the Catholic educative system is permeated to the bone with Evolutionism, the cultural tool fitted for the Catholic doctrine. Therefore st. Peter the same accuses pope Francis and the Catholic church as being a total apostasy - see the following post, I would have elaborated it, but i lack of time and i post it only as a scheme:

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Persecuted because NOT believing in Evolutionism

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