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On animals and skeptics [CMI, AiG]

" Q: What do you think of the claims in this source that basically teach that no matter what we can do for eternity it will eventually be boring, so can only be suffering, so the only way to not suffer is to not exist eventually?
A: Lastly, the author is horrified by the thought of even the best paradise continuing forever. But again, this displays a complete lack of imagination. " (Creation Ministries International).

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Will Heaven ever get boring?
Published: 9 June 2018 (GMT+10)

Eternal Heaven is perceived a deadly boring place, because the questioner is still imprisoned in the vision of an endless world of corruption. Anyway as God puts truth even in the mouth of the one who don't recognize Him, she is right from her perspective, because when she says that Heaven could be boring to death, she is telling an extreme important truth: people still living in the sin of their flesh, can not bear the possibility to be tortured by (their) sins in eternity.

Therefore an eternal abiding in this sinful corrupted body, especially if not spiritually regenerated in Christ, is truly unimaginable torture.  What unite the sinners of this world? That they have elected the death as their goddess. How many times I heard sinners, wicked people, arrogant persons, despisers of God or religionist who think God allowed them to save themselves by the works of their hands, to call upon death as the end of their troubles and sufferances? But they don't call death as we call it. They believe death is a true end of their total existence, spiritual too. They believe that after death there's no judgement (otherwise why are they so busy to worship the works of their hands and mind - believers or unbelievers alike?), and it must be so. Having refused in this life to despise their body of sin as taught by our Lord, they uncousciously perceive that in doing so they condemned themselves to live with their body of sins for the eternity. Attacking the ones who recall to them this truth is quickly become part of their nature. Could they accept that someone has freed himself/herself from the eternal bondage of corruption?

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 "Those who mistreat animals must go to jail. Not a word from the government "
The animalist battle of Berlusconi Brambilla, who brings nine puppies to Montecitorio. "Too often I fight alone. We need harsher penalties for those who do violence on animals ". The government? "The premier has made a very long speech, but on this theme not even a word"

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 It is understandable why the new Italian government, a rough government, tries to not be involved in the pro-animal agenda: in pursuing muscular attitude against the illegal immigrants, any kind of politic where pity and compassion play an important role, as the words of the above mentioned MP witnesses, has to be avoided. The Italian government has therefore married the secular line: to give a right of existence to the immigrants if only they are in line with the secular laws. If they are not in line with it they are implicitly declared 'animals'. If than animals have rights recognized by the secular law, why not to extend them to the illegal "human animals" too?

All that would blow up the ideological line of the government today, from a moral point of view, and many would search other political messiah to fulfill their dark dreams.  But this shows the dangers in to go across the line which separates humans and animals. We have been made in the image of God, and are not animals. This government, silencing on the illegal use of drugs by the elite of this country, and continually exposing the illegal immigrants as it was the one who taught the use of heavy drugs to the Italians, is not bringing honor and glory to God.  When He taught men that they are made in the image of God, and our common father was made directly by the hands of God, no other kind of living creature having shared such eternal honor:

" During a roundtable discussion in the White House, US President Donald Trump referred to members of the violent gang MS–13 as “animals.” His comments (as they often do) sparked a good deal of discussion among the media. Some commentators, such as this gentleman writing for the The Washington Post, claimed, “No one is an ‘animal,’” and that Trump shouldn’t have used that phrase, even to make the point that the gang has no moral compass or conscience. But is this a position consistent with the secular media’s worldview?

In an evolutionary worldview (taught as fact to generations of kids in America’s public education system), all humans are animals, just highly evolved ones. So within this worldview, it’s entirely consistent to refer to anyone as an animal—and mean it in a literal sense! For secularists to claim “no one is an animal” is actually highly inconsistent. They want to believe evolutionary ideas (e.g., man is just an animal) while still believing humans are somehow unique (which borrows from a biblical worldview). But they can’t have it both ways!"
(Answers in Genesis)

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Is Anyone An "Animal"?
by Ken Ham on June 5, 2018

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How God Deals With Nations # 3

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