Friday, April 13, 2018

How God Deals With Nations # 2

The power of God in the hearth of atheism 

I was checking the latest news about the Syrian crisis, and was caught in the secular geopolitical mood: Trump, Putin, cruise missiles, F 22 and S 400 and on and on and on. But when I gave a little look about the situation in China as pertain the churches, I suddenly awoke from that intoxicant smoke.
I felt deeply ashamed - after having being shocked by this video. This doesn't mean that you see in it a footage of an Alien abduction or Isis' butchers chopping humans alive. You see something that most of the people in our Western civilization consider simply "highly boring" stuff. Or deserving of soft scorn. At the opposite, after seeing that, I feel to be not deserving the mercy of God, I feel to be only lukewarm water, constantly in danger to be spitted from the mouth of the Lord (Rev. 3:16) . A wannabe Christian, a disgusting insect hanging from the hand of God over the flames of Hell (Jonathan Edwards). Worse than the worst of these believers:

Above video - Underground Churches in China...Rare Video Clip, URL:

The video contains what I believe to be Pentecostal meetings. Speak in tongues doesn't seem to be represented. I know perfectly that today the speaking in tongue, after the Scripture has been written down and is accessible to all, is no more a feature of the Christian faith. But there's a strong allusion to something other in the video. The speaker tells that "they have not a Bible". I believe this is a warning of God to us, who are plenty of Bibles with the most various references and commentaries. But in our "Christian" civilized Western world are everyday more lukewarm water.

The persecution of independent more or less Biblical Christian churches in Russia and China, a persecution which involves any other kind of cult outside the national religion, seems to be a trend that will not stop, but extend all over the world. In Italy one of the two winners of the political elections is a fan of Putin's Russia, Matteo Salvini. He invited Italian entrepreneurs to plant business - not churches, in the secessionist pro Russian republics of Donbass. He represents the trend in Europe towards the "one nation, one people, one church".

Just one shell kills some Italian businesmen in Donbass. They don't need to disguise as "Ukrainan forces", just exhibit the Russian original uniform. When pro-Russian guys will say "Ukrainian disguised as Russsians!" to "give the blame on us!", don't worry, all the world will believe it.  The day after the Italian parliament votes to exit Nato. Americans kicked out. The Italian peninsula becomes the admiral ship of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. 
Of course this one is  only a speculation. I don't do that in order to refresh the geopolitical cospirationism as political fight.  This simply could be what God has in store for us. Jesus warned us, how much we are intelligent to understand the signs of the weather, but fully blind to see the signs of the times.

Therefore is this trend something we should fight as secular, political soldier, or accept as Christian soldier facing with dignity persecution? Rather, isn't God, taking away the freedom and the guarantee in which we are sleeping our faith,  awaking us? We started to love too much this world, and its protective institutions, till the point where we forgot that it is the faith that keep us standing and not a liberal constitution. There are certain moment in (His)story where He puts you in front of a choice: Or you march towards the crown of glory of the persecution and martyrdom, or towards Hell, there's no middle way.
The rising of Christian faith outside the Western world is a sign against the Western world. We lukewarm Westerner will be spitted from the mouth of the Lord.
And if for a moment you think well, you understand why Atheist Communist China needs the Western world values, our values: covetousness, idolatry of money, consumerism and Evolutionistic Edonism. Or the intellectual vanity. The coming of our Lord is everyday nearer and Satan desperately tries everything to escape that moment. In the past he tried to substitute the loving and saving presence of Jesus in our lives with the one of a sinful human person: the pope, the priest, the political leader. Today Satan invites his victims to substitute Jesus with the same proper self.  YOU, Western Christian, watch again the above video and ponder: how long will endure the patience of God for me? Am I ready to go in the eternal depths of Hell, or meet the Lord in the air?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
China banning online Bible sales ‘absurd’ [article]

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