Friday, May 25, 2018

Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos [fallen angels]

Above video - Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos

If you noticed, the encounters are always harmless for the humans, except the abductions. The apparently aerial 'machines', notwithstanding they exhibit a flight envelope that simply outperformes the most weird dreams of Skunk works engineers, are using only one kind of weapon against the terrestrial military forces: psychologal warfare built up with signals of threat and signal of fascination.
Like Mig 31 exibition on red square with the alleged new hypersonic missile. The Russian propaganda has many traits in common with the psychology of UFO encounters.
As for the money spent to investigate about the UFO aerial phenomena, it is clear that it is an issue of the defense. My wife is from the Philippines, and she together with many family members witnessed the reality of evil entities like Kapre, Aswang etc. But the Dep. of Defence will never invest mill dollars on investigations about entities who smoke cigars (like the native Center America nation's god), hide in huge trees and loves to make sexual encounters with regularly married wives. Kapre will never constitute a threat for the fleet of Super Hornets of the Navy, nor present interesting information about future development of hypersonic stealth drones. Kapre will never enter in the Pentagon's sphere of strategic interests.

Because Kapre, Aswang & company are interested in the average Filipino people and are interested to sneak within the average mentality of the poor Filipino people, whose problems are not the same of the US Navy or the US foreign policy, but the common interests of the poor people: to survive from a day to another with hard work, to overcome sickness and illness which sometimes requires huge amount of money to be healed, and to satisfy many dreams, not always honest dreams, often filthy dreams.
What does Kapre? The 'guy' exhibit a physical body of excellent quality. He exhibit a great skill into enter family's wall and to steal women in order to have with them a sexual intercourse. And in the mind of a male sinner, what could represent the best his sinful dreams if not a sculpture-like body and a perfect skill in order to safisfy whatever dream of fornication with any woman in sight?

The entity behind Kapre knows very well the sinful psychology of the men, and adapt himself to the one of the average Filipino man.
On the other side of the ocean, the entities behind the UFO close encounters with the Navy's fighters, knows very well the psychology of their US victims, and adapt themselves to it. A crew of a Super Hornet will never intercept a flying muscular man, half naked, smoking cigars and flying at Mach 0,83 at 26,000 feet. Why? Because it will crack the rational world on which the lives of the pilots has been built on. And with it all their ambitions of power and mighty and self confidence. The sinful nature of the human crew of the fighter is the same of the poor Filipino working 12 hours a day in a plantation because both are descendants of Adam and Eve. But culturally this sinful nature expresses itself in a different way. Modern fighters' pilots are among the most rationale humans in circulation on earth today. They cannot allow to irrationality and emotions to appear in their mind scheme. Rationality is their rock to which they grasp in order to try to avoid or exit from the most dangerous situations. Not to blame this. It's their job, exactly like to grow plants 12 hours a day is the job of the Filipino worker. But the entities, who are the same behind Kapre and any other entities in the world, are skilled psychologist, and change costumes. If the Filipino worker was allured with an exhibition of a Play Boy performance he dreams to have, US Navy pilots will be allured with an exhibition of weird stealth and dog fighting performances they would have at their disposition to confirm the role in which their entire lives have been dedicated.
Don't spend million of dollars investigating something that has been already solved 6000 years ago. Create a squadron of military chaplain who know the word of God as it comes from the Bible.

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