Saturday, May 12, 2018

In Business for Christ [article ICR]

"You may know men and women in business whose witness is much like these five—the Lord has sprinkled these lights across the country. Christians in business helped make America great and contributed to its ethical and moral underpinnings."
One of the mantras of the anti-American religion, is the continue attack against the" greediness" and "covetousness" of the "rich Americans" who, still following that the same litany which today is become an anthem of the Eurasian ideology, don't spare even the Christian faith in whose name "colossal fortunes" are massed. From a logical deduction, the today's human judges of America paint themselves with the most white and clean color, because in their Manichean mind, the world, this world, is a perfect theological incarnation of God's statutes where there is no place for mixed colors.
You will never never hear from such modern Pharisee, a word about the origin of the decadence of the same America. That business and profit became a pitiless law of existence in America and consequentially "infecting the rest of the world", it doesn't pass even slightly in the mind of the Eurasian white knights of today the idea that the Devil's root works harder where there's more wheat to destroy:

In Business for Christ

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