Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Hubmaier's distaste for the doctrine of predestination" [link]


Hubmeier was put at the stake in 1528, not so much cause the RE-BAPTISM, but for his view of the civil liberties, where the maximum freedom was proposed for a righteous state. An about 20 years young Primoz Trubar, witnessed the murder of Hubmeier together with the one of his wife, drowned by the Catholic "piety" of Hapsburg.

His view on Calvinist predestination are well exposing such doctrinal perversion:

Hubmaier's distaste for the doctrine of predestination is unconcealed.  He wrote, "It were a false God who should day words, "Come here," and yet in secret in his heart should think, "Sit yonder."  It would be an unfaithful God who should publicly offer grace to man, and should clothe him in new raiment, yet in secret take it away from him and prepare hell for him." (Vedder, Balthasar Hubmaier, p. 197.)

Balthasar Hubmaier


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