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Calvin had no sense of irony

Probably Calvinistic Predestination is born from jokes among Catholic scholar at the school frequented by Calvin. They were trying to stir to the extreme consequences the Only Faith salvation (the righteous Biblical one from Genesis to Revelation) doctrine, and considering the faith as also an human concept, necessarily it had to be a work, therefore could have not saved men. Therefore - such hypotetical Catholic professors, the Faith Salvation doctrine was impossible. Well, the laughter of the Catholic scholars ended, but some students, behind the door or the pillar, could have grasped too much seriously the gag, and, years later, remembered it to build on it a doctrine and a church, where faith was considered also a sort of human work, therefore "not able to save". And solved the problem with the Predestination, of a monstrous God who decides who goes to Hell and who is saved. Giving the birth of another doctrine of Satan.
So don't worry about the so cursed Catholic Work Salvation doctrine. Openly denied from the pulpits, in the Calvinistic TULIP flower it comes at the surface immediately after one feel to be saved.  We, who are saved by faith, know when we are saved, because God told us clearly the condition. We are saved when we put our faith on Jesus and His blood. But Calvinists cannot know if they are saved, except through..... good works:

One member of the Society of Evangelical Arminians writes:If anyone can be fooled about their conversion, no Calvinist can say they ARE elect with impunity. They ‘feel’ elect, maybe, but they have no idea if Christ died for them or not, since Christ only died for a select few. The irony is most Calvinists tout this as one of their distinctive advantages, in that they KNOW they are saved; but we can see there is really no grounds for this.” (SEA, emphasis mine)

See the entire text in:

Calvinism and Arminianism:
Myths & Realities

In particular, Calvinistic Predestination, denying human free will, denies we have been created in the image of God. 
Just think this absurd doctrine: if we have the same level of free will of an ant or a fish or a bacteria  (= Zero), it descend that also ants and fishes and bacteria have been created "in the image of God":
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Avoiding the extremes [doctrine]


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