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Obsessed with the Flood - # 1 Freshwater and Saltwater


The problem of saltwater and/or freshwater animals often is used to try to pull down the feasibility of the Flood model as effective tool to understand the formation of the today's world biology and geology:

[Q] Just like all fresh water fish will die in salt water and massive temperature changes.
[A] No they won’t actually, if they have a chance to acclimatize gradually. I saw this for myself many years ago at Underwater World in Queensland, Australia. They had a freshwater and saltwater fish in the same tank. They achieved this by gradual adjustments to salinity in both fish until they could cope with the same salinity.
The excerpt taken from the page:

Refuting Noah’s ark critics
URL: us a good hint to understand the conditions at the moment of the Flood, which allowed both freshwater & saltwater fishes to survive: thermocline and especially halocline.

Halocline is the gradient (difference) of concentration of salt in seawaters, along the vertical dimension of the sea ("is a subtype of chemocline caused by a strong, vertical salinity gradient within a body of water" - Wikip.).. 

BUT the gradient can be also HORIZONTAL:

Above images taken from the technical page:

Q: What happens where fresh water and salt water meet?

A: They mix, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Some mixing takes so long that people think that they are not actually mixing.

I dare an explanation for the existence of freshwater fishes in inner continent lakes, rivers, even lakes on mountains: being the freshwater density lower than saltwater, in many cases the vertical separation was stirred in an horizontal one. In many cases  the freshwater  could have overlapped on the deep layer of high salinity waters, the freshwater naturally submerged the tops of mountains and/or the surface of emerged continents, as the saltwater flew away - bringing there the fishes living in the freshwater:

 The Flood and the Ark are not a tale of fantasy, but something that happened and GOD wanted humans to keep a record of that event, to continually recall  the judgement waiting for them.

The reproduction of the Ark in Kentucky:

Life-Size Noah’s Ark Opens Doors to VIP Guests During Media Preview Day in Kentucky
The Ark Encounter Opens to Public on July 7
on July 6, 2016

 The reproduction of the Ark in the Netherland:

A full size ark and it floats!
An intrepid Dutchman builds his second floating ark; this time it’s humungous!
by Frans Gunnink

One of my old post, more or less casually chosen, to recall to you how much they are.... obsessed with the Flood:

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Obsessed with the Flood - II


  1. When I look at fossils' orientations and distribution in the earth layers, I see a picture of massive chaos and pressure, how anyone can say this occurred within a long time frame, let alone millions of years, is beyond me, it can only be a reprobate mind.