Sunday, August 14, 2016

Banning Christians [& Creationism] from Russia.

 Beware, as consequence of the anti-Gospel legal activity of the government,  Creationism, in Russia,  is a potential crime.   As Creationism presupposes a Creator, and as Creationism bases its scientific view on the Christian doctrine for which the fall at the Eden is part of the explanation for many natural phenomena, automatically, together with the preaching of the Gospel soul to soul or house to house or in the street, also Creationism practically is banned from Russia.
I translated also in Italian the below reported article (scroll down) , in a post presenting as the Italian mirror of the one you are reading, adding some explanation for the the Italian public, which is in darkness as regard the Gospel of GOD and the Creationism argument:

Sunday, August 14, 2016
"La Russia Mette Fuorilegge La Testimonianza Cristiana" [ed il Creazionismo - articolo]

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Has Russia truly banned Evangelism?

Is it true that a new law signed by the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin prohibits any evangelization for Christians in Russia? What will it mean to the Christian community within the borders of Russia? Find out now!
Vladimir Putin evangelismEverybody knows that there were many dark days for Christianity in Russia. The last century was known to be the darkest one for the Christian community in Russia, as religious activity was forbidden. Believers could only meet at churches, and not just any churches but only Orthodox churches that were strictly regulated by the government.
No missionaries were allowed to come into the country, and even if by some miracle they got into the territory of Soviet Union they could be deported at any time as soon as someone tells on him. No exceptions were made, and no indulgence was granted.
These times were left far behind with the fall of the Soviet Union and Christians enjoyed the freedom of faith and their personal walk with God that no one was controlled. However, with the latest news, it is getting clear that those times can be repeated in the history of Russian Federation again. New dark times for Christians in Russia are about to come.
The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has recently signed a law that prohibits any missionary work on the territory of Russian Federation. This was made as an attempt to prevent any terroristic activity in Russia. Nevertheless, many people believe that terrorism threats were only a pretext for evangelism prevention.
Putin against evangelism
It is known that Russian Federation in the persons of its President and the parliament is strongly convicted that they are being constantly on the target of the West. They do not want any terroristic attack on their territory; therefore, they prosecute everyone who might seem to have anything to do with the terrorism.
The law passed last week determined that not only missionaries are not allowed to share their faith with the Russians, but also Russian believers would have to be silent about their faith. They will have no right to share their faith in public places as well as on the Internet, which by the way is also strictly controlled. Russian authorities have access to the private chats of the online-users  and can use it at any time.
Moreover, the users are aware of this fact and have no other choice as to agree with it and think twice before texting their friends about important things through the Internet. From now on, any person older than 14 years old will be charged for sharing his/her faith online. The fines will amount up to $765 or in case of an organization up to $15,265. The foreigners that will be caught on evangelizing will be departed immediately in order to prevent further spread of the information.
Meanwhile, the believers are fasting and praying for this situation. They state that they see a new iron curtain coming to Russia and remembering those days, they are not happy with the possible outcome.
Russia against evangelism
Some church and religious leaders have already tried to attract public attention to the problem; however, their calls were left without attention. They note that it is impossible for them to be true believers and not share their faith. As it is one of the most important things in their lives and a commandment left to them by Christ, they ask the authorities to cancel the law and have some grace.
The next step that was planned in this area is prohibiting activity of any other church than Orthodox one. It is believed to be a national church, as approximately 90% of citizens claim to be Orthodox Christians. This church supports the idea of nationalism and superiority of Russians and strives to revive the might of the Soviet Union that was previously damaged by its fall. The believers from churches other than Orthodox church are seen as a threat to the safety of the state, as such churches are believed to come from the United States of America. The United States, in their turn, are seen as an “enemy” or a state that can put an end to the mighty reign of Russian Federation with its superiority complex.
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The Protestant leaders are concerned and worried. They pray and fast and ask God to cancel these laws that prohibit their normal Christian life and evangelism and make them hid and acted against their country.
European Committee known as World Evangelical Alliance’s Religious Liberty Commission reminded that a law similar to this one was once passed in 1929. That law stated that one could only share what he believes in only at the church and under the control of church leaders to make sure you teach what they teach and not the teachings of the Western Protestants.
Russian Christians
These laws prohibiting evangelism in Russia can become a new stage on a way to religious prosecutions that took lives of many people and made people flee from the state in a search of a better place to live in.
What is covered under the name of “anti-terroristic” law will remain a secret. The President of Russian Federation claims that he only wants the best for his nation, and it is his way of protecting it. However, we can definitely say that they were not guided by the Christian motives behind them.
The last words of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew to his followers were about the need of people that will go into the nations to share the Gospel of Christ. Here is what it says: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matthew 28:19,20).
Not sharing the Gospel or not evangelizing means living a life of a half-Christian. Such life is not full and is not the way God determined it to be. Therefore, the law signed by the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin can be seen as a hostile move towards Christianity.
Russian church
Finally, believers keep praying. They do not want to give up and get into the Soviet-Union-like troubles again. No iron curtain is desired. Christians from all around the globe are praying for these laws to be canceled and more religious freedom in Russia to be left.
There is even a special hashtag created on the social networks that people use to spread the news of the upcoming danger in Russia and encourage other believers to pray for Russia. Join them in their prayers at this difficult for the state time and let the news of Jesus Christ be heard in Russian Federation.
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Sunday, August 7, 2016
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Thursday, March 17, 2016
"the declared goal is to expell or kill the "Evangelical sectarians", as in Slaviansk and many other cities".

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