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The plan of Satan: To destroy the New World Order and restore the wicked Old World

 Edited: I add one thought of mine. Perhaps the Restoration of the Old World is pursued not by a single entity, the UN, but by many working in a team. The UN works more as a bait, in order to create confusion between the label "New World Order" and "Old World Order", and confusion is not a job of God but of Satan. Many countries, even if mutually opposed on the religious and geopolitical plane of existence, can, for opposite reason, realize the same goal of the UN, hiding it under the noise of a "restored nationalism" (Putinism in Russia, arising nationalism in Poland and Hungary, etc.).

 Internet Censorship is the future of the Internet. This is in line with the Biblical approaching of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the End Time, the Rapture, the seven years of Tribulation, as clearly exposed in the book of Revelation after a plain literal, futuristic reading (in other words, to read that book as every other book of the Bible is read - period).
Usually the ones pushing for the censorship are using right reasons for it (fight pedophilia, terrorism, pornography, drug deals, etc.), but this is not a novelty for the Devil, to use good moral reasons in order to achieve a major evil which, once realized, will surpass all the sum of the good morals used to achieve it. Remember that this world, after the Fall of man 6,000 years ago, as punishment of God,  has been taken away from mankind to be given to Satan, who is working to centralize the secular power in his hands eliminating the last freedom in the Internet. The final goal of Satan is NOT to create a "New World Order", but to RESTORE the Old World Order, centralizing it in a single political and religious leadership, like the fallen humanity tried to do in Babel just after the Flood. The ones who today are accusing certain human dark powers to create an "evil" "New World Order", are, in the best option, self-deceived. Because war are living already in the New World Order since the fall of the Babel's Tower:

"........This year, government censorship spread like some sort of fungal infection. In Spain, the government blocked Catalonian websites designed to allow voters to find referendum polling stations. That controversy was shortly followed by merciless scenes of police brutality as the Spanish authorities enacted an iron will over the Catalonian electorate.
In May, 15 million Ukrainian citizens were suddenly locked out of their Vkontakte ( accounts (Russia’s version of Facebook). At that time, the Ukrainian government decided to impose a complete block on Russian websites, much to the dismay of the largely Russian-speaking nation.
In Africa, Egypt continued to impose website blackouts on Western news websites and other services. The majority of the African continent is exposed to dire censorship – some nations to a far more extreme level than Egypt.
In Europe, Turkey, Serbia, and Moldova, also continued to heavily censor the internet. Even Greece was found to have a significant level of censorship. In fact, 31 countries in Europe were found to have some level of censorship against BitTorrenting. 
Surveillance Epidemic

In Britain, 2017 saw the introduction of the “Snooper’s Charter”. That mandatory data retention law gives over a hundred British government organizations the power to access UK citizens’ web browsing histories and metadata. ISPs must store data for a year on behalf of the government.

As if that wasn’t enough, Privacy International mounted a lawsuit against the UK government after gaining records proving that GCHQ intelligence (the UK’s version of the NSA) has been not only accessing data within millions of people’s social media accounts but also sharing that with “industry partners.”

What’s more, according to a study just published by Freedom House, social media was used to manipulate election results in 18 countries within the last 12 months alone. This proves that governments are not only using social media to harvest data but to affect opinions too.
Fast Decline

Violations of people’s digital privacy in the West is an ever growing problem. It has reached epidemic levels. In the UK, Australia, and many other locations, ISPs must now store web browsing histories against their will (and at great expense).

In fact, in Russia, it is believed that few ISPs will be able to comply with the new Yarovaya Laws. A Russian ISP called MTS has revealed that, given its current income figures, it will have to invest all of its profits into its data center infrastructure “for the next 100 years” in order to comply with the data retention law.

The US was, until this year, praised for not having mandatory data retention laws. As of March, however, things took a turn for the worse. In the US, the Trump administration has found the perfect loophole to appease ISPs. Rather than force ISPs to retain data on behalf of the government (which is extremely expensive) – it has gone one better – and given ISPs permission to sell consumers’ data to third parties."

Taken from:

Why Digital Privacy Should Be Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution
Ray Walsh
Ray Walsh
December 1, 2017

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