Tuesday, November 14, 2017

the reason I obscured the whole of my blogs [except the Biblical Creationist ones]

Please, if you can read one of them warn me.
It is not due to the fact that I found also many false information there, information I presented as "truth". I found still a lot of good information, not false one, in my blogs. There's a complete different reason, under the fact that I obscured the whole of my blogs except the two ones (one in Italian, one in English) devoted to spread the Gospel via Biblical Creationism and strict YEC view (Young Earth Creationism). The last article appeared on Creation Ministries International helps me very much because there are condensed the most important reason of action of closure:

"....There are some warning signs that may indicate that one’s ideology or theories may be overtaking one’s commitment to the Gospel and the truth of Scripture:
  1. Where do you get most of your information? Are you spending an inordinate amount of time in online groups that are insular and promote an antagonistic mentality, even against other Christians? Is your involvement in a particular ideology taking time away from your own church or your devotional time in Scripture?
  2. When you meet someone new, are they more likely to know first that you are a Christian, or that you don’t really believe we landed a man on the moon (to use just one possible example)? Is your passion to share the Gospel, or to share the ‘gospel’ of your alternative world?
  3. Does your ideology cause you to see people of other religions or ‘races’ as existential threats to your way of life, rather than part of a mission field? We are called to share the Gospel with all unbelievers, even those who may be hostile to us, yet some ideological views today promote the sort of division that would hinder evangelism.".
Read the entire article at:

Emulating the mind of Christ in an age of misinformation
by Lita Cosner and Dr Robert Carter
Published: 14 November 2017 (GMT+10)


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