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Were Bapstists cutting the throat of Serbs in 1945??? (some thoughts of mine)

The sign of End Time are present and you should take care to consider these facts:

  Special Agent Gowen warned in 1947 that, due to Pavelić's record of opposing the Orthodox Church as well as Communism, his "contacts are so high and his present position is so compromising to the Vatican, that any extradition of the subject would be a staggering blow to the Roman Catholic Church".[56]

Draganović was born in Matići, Austro-Hungary (now part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). He attended secondary school in Travnik and studied theology and philosophy in Sarajevo. Draganović was ordained a priest on 1 July 1928.[2]
From 1932–35 he studied at the Papal Oriental Institute and the Jesuit Gregorian University in Rome. In 1935 he submitted his German language doctoral dissertation, Massenübertritte von Katholiken zur Orthodoxie im kroatischen Sprachgebiet zur Zeit der Türkenherrschaft (Mass conversions of Catholics to Orthodoxy in the Croatian-speaking area during the Turkish rule).

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Marion Maréchal Le Pen has landed a plum assignment: working with Steve Bannon, the CEO of Trump's presidential campaign. From Huffington Post:

"The new rising star". When speaking of Marion Maréchal Le Pen, Steve Bannon is not chary with praise. Quoted by the LCI channel on November 11, the very radical director of Donald Trump's campaign team (and potential future chief of staff?) revealed his interest in France.


Marion invited to work for Breitbart
Nov 13, 2016

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
P***y Riot of Pope Francis, fallen Eve of Satan - #1 Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

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Revelation 17:17(KJV)

17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
דב שטיין <>Thu/10/2016 12:57 PM


Sanhedrin – Great Court of 71

47                9322833             Rachel Eimenu 47 Jerusalem Israel
.  972 -2-5661962  Tel          15325661962972 fax    e -mail
In G-D we trust. 10 of Marcheshvan 5777 (11 Nov. 016)
Donald Trump,
The coming president of the United States, praised be his name.
We tribunal of the Sanhedrin located on Mount Zion bless you with the blessing of Abraham, Blessing gives salvation to kings, A leader of your country and the country head of the nations in peace and plain to the purpose of human existence – Building the Temple in Jerusalem – Which is a key goal of peace and prayers to God.

Humanity longs for fulfillment of the prophetic vision:
Isaiah Chapter 56,7: ” Even them will I bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer; their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon Mine altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”

In your visit near Jerusalem, God willing, it will reach the Temple Mount, We ask you to announce to the world that will never rest until the be established at the top of the mountain Mount Moriah building of the Temple, because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel, for He hath glorified thee, Creator and leader stronghold awe, love, truth and peace law.

The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
Rabbi Yoel Shvarts chairman of the court,   .Rabbi Dov Stein – secretary
Rabbi Prof, Hillel wise,        Rabbi Yishay Baba”d     spokesmen

Friends, Indeed did the LORD promise to the seed of Abraham, those in faith to Christ Jesus, (Gal 3 & 4)to bring his saints unto his house (Hebrews 12) unto his Holy Mountain Sion. The choice you will make will be by free will, whether you will serve their god of flesh, or the Spirit Lord God of Heaven.

The key is that GOD…….Has put into their hearts to give their power unto the Beast to Fulfill his WORD. The Lord has given mankind 2000 years to serve him alone. Now the masses are fallen away and judgement begins…Will you stand fast in the Name of the LORD in the hour of temptation which to to come upon you?

Prepare for Satan’s onslaught,  Living Saints of Jesus! Stand Fast in the Name above every name and the only name in which to enter the Kingdom of God, JESUS.

Sanhedrin to Trump and Putin, “Build Our Temple
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Well, I am very sorry if I didn't keep the promise. I didn't completely close control-avles-blogs, because episodes of institutional stalking are such pressing in my life that I have to expose them:

And my new two blogs where the Creationist themes practically are disappeared. Yes, of course, Creationism, if you are not well rooted in the word of God, could be a temptation, a (falsely thought) shortcut to reach God, without passing through Christ but through mind which is irremediably corrupted, and therefore bypassing the Word:

 4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. 
Luke, ch. 4.
Anyway, Creationism is the best tool to reach the heathen's mind, and let they know the glory of God.
OK, these are times which smells to be near-near End Time age. Well other Biblical emergencies are leading my activity.

Below, just two comments of mine about the cowardice of the Kremlin's elite, both secular as well religious, always ready to do what even an atheist mind but still with a little presence of that moral law God gave to everyone, would consider heinous, aka to persecute the weakest, in order to praise the bully:

Edoardo Roncelli
Yesterday 8:55 PM


What is this?

This is a special knife to cut the throat of Serbian Orthodoxies. Who did use it? Protestants?

What is this?

Is this a bunch of "baptists" sewing the head of an Orthodox Serbian?
No. They are ROMAN CATHOLIC Ustasha, near to saw the head of an Orthodox Serbian guy.

Continue for yourself (also Chetnik Orthodox Serbian commiting atrocities):

Why Putin don't expell the Catholic nuncio from Russia? Why Putin and Kirill hate to death Baptist missions in Russia?
Were Protestants to cutt the throat of Serbian Orthodox women? Were Baptists to gush out the eyes of Orthodox priests? Were Evangelicals to saw the head of Orthodox Serbian people?
Who is the true coward of the picture?

Edoardo Roncelli
Yesterday 9:02 PM

So why in Russia Putin's iron fist hits the Baptist missions, but doesn't touch the Catholic church?
What does say this website, a Serbian website?? Does it say "The Evangelical Role in the Ustasha Genocide in the Independent State of Croatia"?????


It says: "The VATICAN Role in the Ustasha Genocide in the Independent State of Croatia"

With the Yarovaya law Russia is dragging a great wrath of the LORD on herself, beware, the End of the Time is approaching and the time to repent is even shorter:

42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.
Mark, ch. 9.

*   *   *

Red BananaOctober 5, 2016 at 4:44 PM
So, you took random pictures from internet and created a story for them? Haha.

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Ustasha was Roman Catholic ISIS
Saturday, November 5, 2016
Fined in 2015 for "distorted interpretation" of the Bible and reading it from "electronic devices".

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"Lutherans Decided Reformation 'Struggle' Is Over" [Chick Publications article]

 .....and all this thanks to the Islamic massive immigration, no other alibis would have been able to force again the Lutherans to go back under the skirt of the Harlot.

"Give me a threat, and I will unify the world".

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16
Lutherans Decided Reformation 'Struggle' Is Over
Issue Date: November/December 2016

Lutheran officials are joining Senior Roman Catholics to make October 31, 2017 the end of their Protestant “protesting.” That date marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his “95 Theses” on the door of a Wittenberg church. That event is considered as the beginning of the split from Rome’s counterfeit “church,” that released the true gospel to “all nations.”
In the joint announcement, they claim that: “The awareness is dawning on Lutherans and Catholics that the struggle of the 16th century is over. The reasons for mutually condemning each other’s faith have fallen by the wayside.”
This can only be explained by the descendants of Luther abandoning the Bible. The biblical “reasons” have not changed. That means that either they gave up the Bible or have twisted the meaning —or both.
Those “reasons” included (and still include) worship of a wafer god and the Virgin Mary goddess, and bowing to a pontiff who claims to be Christ’s vice president in charge of all religion on the earth. The indulgences that Luther objected to are still being  handed out as get-out-of-purgatory cards. Alternate mediators are still being installed with Mother Teresa being the latest example.
The article announcing this event cites “ecumenism, globalization and the secularization of Western societies” as the cause for this “celebration.” If we understand biblical prophecy, these terms illustrate how we got here and where we are going.
The “secularized” societies have decided they can build heaven on earth without God. Through science and reason they will conquer disease, poverty and even aging and death.
Then, through “ecumenism,” all religions will agree on a common teaching and values supported by common literature including a gutted Bible. Thus “globalization” will unite all economies, political systems, and religions, which they hope to merge into a harmonious “global” community. All “fundamentalists” will be charged with extremism and marked for elimination.
Piece by piece, this utopian fantasy of heaven on earth is being assembled. But the preserved Bible that we have today says that it won’t happen. It speaks of the spirit of anti-Christ that is behind all this humanistic maneuvering. Then, at last, the incarnation of that spirit will emerge as the beast out of the bottomless pit.
But how do we know that? Because we have the KJV, a complete Bible, one with a solid history of God’s promised protection of His word. The creeping confusion of modern Bibles is well along toward producing the gutted one world Bible that will support that one world religion. But the PR campaign against the Classic English King James has almost succeeded in the minds of even the “Protestants.”
So, should Bible believers join the 70 million Lutherans who belong to the Lutheran World Federation in calling for the end of Protestantism? Is there really nothing to “protest” any longer, as Paul Crouch declared several years ago on TBN?
The celebration statement claimed that “belief in Jesus” was enough for unity. But is the Roman wafer Jesus the same as the Biblical Christ? Should we repoint our prayers to the Mary goddess and hundreds of “patron saints”? Shall we give up the assurance of salvation through Christ’s finished work on the cross for a hope-so eventual exit from purgatory?
Sorry, Rome hasn’t changed. These “sheeple” Protestants have abandoned the Biblical Jesus for sweet ecumenical wine. God commands us to come out of this counterfeit, prostitute “church,” to avoid suffering her plagues on judgment day.
The web site has many books and tracts exposing this winsome whore who drank the blood of all the martyrs in history. See also Rev. 17 and 18

2. In 1529, the imposing DIET OF SPEIRS (Speyer) pronounced the death sentence upon all Anabaptists. This council was composed of both Roman Catholic and Protestant princes and heads of state. They hated each other and did not get along even in this Diet, but they hated the Anabaptists even more! 
From Baptist site, quoted in:

See also published today:

Thursday, November 10, 2016
"government officials stand at their church doors and take everyone’s name when they enter." [Chick Publications article]

Thursday, November 10, 2016

"government officials stand at their church doors and take everyone’s name when they enter." [Chick Publications article]

> [edited]

My thoughts now are also for Chick, died on 23 Oct., whose tracts helped to spread a Gospel - of course with the intervention of God - as never seen before in the twentieth century. I remember his figure and I believe that this WORLD wide anti-Christian movement, among its many targets, has just in mind to suppress the printing and diffusion of the Chick Tracts. 
I pray the Lord to let Chick tracts still for some times able to go out the USA and reach all the country of the world, in the name of:

10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations. Mark ch. 13.

The enemies of Chick tracts surely will reply that his tracts "are not the Gospel", but in doing so, they reveal that they simply don't want people to get in knowledge with the Gospel.

*   *   *
From Chick Publications, about Russia's new law Yarovaya:

Russia Moving Quickly Against Christians
Issue Date: November/December 2016

This recent letter from a missionary shows how quickly a mission field can close. This missionary is back in the states after many fruitful years on the field. The Russian government recently passed an anti-terrorism law targeting extremists. The Russian Orthodox Church persuaded the government to include evangelical Christians along with the targeted Muslim terrorists. The Orthodox Church is deeply imbedded in the strong Russian nationalism and moved quickly to take advantage of the new law.

I just talked to my wife in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is there for 17 days and is meeting with as many of our church members as she can. She told me yesterday that the new laws are firmly being put in place and if fully activated it will be worse than the old Soviet Union. I lived in Russia for 16 years and my wife all her life.

We distributed over 50,000 'This Was Your Life' from 1992 to 1995. We registered over 40,000 precious Russians praying to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. Many of those are the results of Chick Tracts. We gave out another 50,000 tracts during the remaining time we served there.

The Russian Orthodox church was at first our friends. In fact Alexei II, Patriarch of Russia, furnished our first visas and did so until he realized that we were there to plant Evangelical churches. We had helped many Christian businessmen start new businesses with American knowhow.

The Orthodox were very happy at first as they saw ways to fill their coffers. The 8 churches we planted in Russia have gone underground or meet in small groups. My wife said some members from other churches said that government officials stand at their church doors and take everyone’s name when they enter.

Other churches who invite foreign missionary workers are having difficulties in inviting them. They are told that a missionary must get a religious workers visa and then get a religious work visa. The only problem is that there is no such thing. Please keep praying for these wonderful brothers and sisters.

There is a move of God now around the world. I personally feel that the great awaking in Russia has spread all over third-world countries. Presently our third-world pastors have planted their 50,000th church since 1986 and work in 87 countries. We support around 1000 third-world pastors and have in training about 5,000 more men.

I am thankful for Chick Publications. Presently my wife and I keep This Was Your Life in Hindu, Russian, Chinese, and English. As we travel all over America we find these language groups in most restaurants and gas stations.

I feel that God is up to something very big and is harvesting many souls for His Son’s Bride.

God bless you in abundance.

Yours by His Wonderful Grace,

Dennis Ellis Final Frontiers Foundation, Louisville, GA

So, if you have no revival, why is Putin's (Kirill's) Russia legislating as if they have to persecute a real one???...

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Yarovaya law forces to close American Independent Baptist mission in Russia

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fined in 2015 for "distorted interpretation" of the Bible and reading it from "electronic devices".

The total war on Baptists and similar Christian denominations, by the cults of Costantine, sees Putin's Russia only as a test, an experimental laboratory for what soon will be applied also to all the world. 
"Kill Baptists" was the cry which was able to unify deadly enemies as Catholicism, Lutheranism (and not unseemingly also Calvinism). Baptists are the perfect "common enemy", another sort of "Jewish threat" to fight and overcome in order to "free" the world:

2. In 1529, the imposing DIET OF SPEIRS (Speyer) pronounced the death sentence upon all Anabaptists. This council was composed of both Roman Catholic and Protestant princes and heads of state. They hated each other and did not get along even in this Diet, but they hated the Anabaptists even more!  

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Catholics, Ortodoxies, Protestants, all-together claps your hand: "death to the Baptists!"

This is probably the policy of the Jesuit Order today, to drag to themselves all the other Protestants in a common final liquidation (no need to be performed only by killings) of the Baptists, alluring the historical Protestants  in to take part of this ecumenical crusade. Yarovaya law in Russia is only the beginning. The offer to every crusader is clear: "let's liquidate Baptists all over the world, and then we replace them with our churches, some to me, Catholic church, some to you, Orthodox church, other to you, Lutheran church"..., and on and on. After the assault and the mass murder weren't the crusaders plundering their victims?

Pope and Lutheran leaders mark 'a new beginning' in Sweden
So will today’s encounters really change the world for the better? Yes, I’m sure that in this northern corner of Europe, where the wars of religion raged, an Argentinian pope, a Palestinian bishop and a Chilean theologian have taken a significant step forward towards the goals of healing and reconciliation. Cardinal Koch of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity called it ‘a new beginning’, and surely that is something to celebrate - even if it has taken us five centuries to achieve.

Yarovaya law is only the implementation of an already existing climate of intimidation and persecution in Russia against the Christians. Already in 2015 study bible meeting were declared "illegal" and fined:

Regional Court considered lawful fine for reading the Bible in a coffee shop   02/02/2015 - 18:38 / Krasnodar KraiKrasnodar Regional Court declared the decision on the penalty for a joint reading of the Bible in Sochi cafe legitimate.January 28, 2015 the Krasnodar Regional Court upheld the decision of the district court of Sochi Khosta, fined Alexei Kolyasnikova congregation and reading the Bible in a specially rented for this cafe.Recall that in October, the world court found the leader of a group of evangelical Christians "Community of Christians" guilty under Part. 2 tbsp. 20.2 of the Administrative Code (holding a public event without feeding in the established order on its holding notice) and fined 30 thousand. Rubles. Then Khostinsky District Court overturned the decision and sent the case for retrial. In December, re-examined the case, the court fined the pastor again.Now it's decision confirmed the Regional Court.



Lawyer Vladimir Ryakhovsky who represented Pastor Alexei Kolyasnikov in court gave his comments to Sova Center on the decision of Krasnodar Territorial Court to legitimize the fine for the collective recital of the Bible in a café. 
It is still too early to speak about the motives for the court decision because its text has not yet been made available to the respondent. One could only guess the reasons relied upon by the court.
Here’s the background of the case: Pastor Alexei Kolyasnikov heads a small religious group which is not registered as religious organization. They hold Bible recitals in one of Sochi’s cafes in the hours when the café is closed for ordinary visitors. The recitals are held every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. People who come to have a snack are told that a special event is being held inside and there is no way in, but if someone wants to come and listen to the Bible, he or she is allowed to enter. 
Deputy Head of the Regional Office of the Federal Security Service wrote a letter to the Public Prosecutor’s Office stating that, according to the intelligence data, a religious group holds its meetings in this café during which they read the Bible in a distorted interpretation and violate the canons of Christianity by reading it not in full leather binding but on electronic devices. In his opinion, this fact was a source of danger. In the letter he also stated that, according to the intelligence data, this group had connections with the Ukrainian Protestant organizations financed by Western Europe and NATO. Such was his horror story.
Responding to this letter, the Public Prosecutor’s Office arranged for a site inspection. Employees of Public Prosecutor’s Office accompanied by the officers of the Ministry of Interior and the Federal Security Service came to the cafe. At the entrance they were of a religious group meeting being underway inside. They expressed an intention to attend the meeting and were let it. They even took part in the discussion. But after the end of the event they drew up an offence report which stated that a religious group meeting had been held in the café without notification to the executive authorities. 
And so, the Public Prosecutor of Sochi issued an order to institute a criminal case on the grounds of the violation of the Law on Meetings, Rallies, Processions and Pickets. On 12 December 2014 Hosta District Court in Sochi imposed a fine on Kolyasnikov under part 2 of Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“Holding of public event without notification made in accordance with established order”).
We appealed against this court decision. I had not participated in the sessions of the first instance court, I joined the case later, said Ryakhovsky. After the appeal the case had been re-examined and on 28 January 2015 Krasnodar Territorial court upheld the decision of Hosta District Court.
I believe that the court decision is totally illegal. Under the Law on the Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations, a religious organization is free to hold its worship services or events without impediment, and may hold such services or events on the premises made available to it for this purpose. In other words, regardless of such premises being owned or rented, they may be made available for holding an event without any obstacles. It means that no notification, approval or permission is required. This should have put the matter to rest, noted Ryakhovsky.
However, Hosta District Court referred to the Law on Meetings, Rallies, Processions and Pickets which allows only one-man pickets to be held without any notification. But when it is a collective meeting of the citizens held with an intent to “discuss socially important issues and take decisions”, how can an individual discuss anything and take decisions on his or her own? We’ll leave it to the court to fantasize, added Ryakhovsky.
We are now waiting for the text of the court decision and we will definitely appeal against it in the supervisory instances. The first appeal will be sent to the Chairman of Krasnodar Territorial Court. I think this would be a useless effort because Krasnodar Territorial Court has already expressed its opinion, but this effort is necessary in order to comply with the established procedure. Then it will be the Supreme Court, stressed the lawyer. 
Should the court decision feature at least one phrase on the one-man meeting, we would have every reason to go immediately to the Constitutional Court.
We will face the matter out by all means, because a very dangerous precedent is being created, said Ryakhovsky. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Yarovaya law forces to close American Independent Baptist mission in Russia